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12 Embellished NYE

New Year's Eve is the one night of the year where everything is just a little bit bigger, a little bit bling-ier, a little bit more special. For us ladies, it's an excuse to go all out fabulous—even the most timid stylistas will spring for a sequin or two during their celebratory countdown to the new year. To get you... CONTINUE READING 9

Emerald Isle: Chic Ways to Wear The Color of 2013 Right Now

Move over tangerine tango—there's a new haute hue in town! Pantone has picked emerald as the color of 2013, and it's not hard to see why the gorgeous green was chosen. After all, the gemstone famously gave Oz its color, improved Nero's eyesight and has adorned the world's most beautiful women, from Elizabeth Taylor to Angelina Jolie. But you don't... CONTINUE READING 6

Cocktail Rings & Holiday Bling

What better way to glam up your holiday season than a statement ring paired with some eye-catching lacquer? If you’re looking to amp up your party dress or turn a simple outfit into a total glitzy “do”, you’ll want to scoop up every single one of our fashionable cocktail ring and nail polish combos. Trust us, you’ll be causing... CONTINUE READING 2

Five Fashion Trends to Keep For Fall

The runways always provide real-life fashion inspiration, and even though it’s still a few months away, our favorite stores are already stocked with styles for fall, which means it's high-time to start thinking about how to incorporate runway trends into your fall wardrobe. From peplum to prints, we've rounded up five of our favorite current fashion trends from summer that... CONTINUE READING 5

Style Steal: Emma Stone's Super Stylish Spidey Press Tour

With The Amazing Spider-Man swinging its way into theaters soon, the film's hot A-list stars are currently globe trotting to promote the super-sized flick. Our favorite show-stopping star, Emma Stone has peen pulling out all the stops for the international press tour, strutting her stuff in fabulous outfit after outfit at the countless photo calls, red carpets and premieres.... CONTINUE READING 9

Bombshell Beachwear: 8 Retro-Inspired Suits

One of the best things about fashion is when we take something old and make it notoriously new again! So with summer upon us, it's only natural for retro-inspired suits to be splashing back into style this season. Mimicking the sexy summer style of old school beach bombshells like Marilyn Monroe,  Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly, this summer swaps... CONTINUE READING 18

Real-Life Princess Fashion: 6 Sensational Styles for Summer

It’s fair to say that almost every girl, at one point or another, has dreamed of having the lavish looks and life of a pretty, pretty princess. Well, since many of us won’t become actual crowned princesses (unless, of course, you pounce on still-single Prince Harry!), we can still gush over the fabulous fashions the royals are rocking. From... CONTINUE READING 11

Rose Gold: The It Metal of Summer

In the summer sun, we all like to go for that bronze sun-kissed look that makes you appear to have been tanning all summer long. This season, the bronze look goes a lot further than your skin, and it has an uber-feminine rosy tint to go with it! Metallic are always big during the summer but this season, trade your... CONTINUE READING 10

Are You Ready For These Jellies?

Now, we know we're not kids anymore, but we're about to take a certain suited-for-the-sandbox stunning style straight to the streets this summer. Drumroll please.... jelly sandals! Back in the day, everyone who was anyone had a pair of those old school caged-in jelly slingback flats. Now once again, this style is back and taking summer fashion by... CONTINUE READING 8

Splurge vs. Steal: Fab Designer Fashions For Less

When I flip through the glossy pages of ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour, I’m completely mesmerized by the fabulous designer fashions on each page…that is, until I get a look at those prices! True, it’s hard being a fashionista on a tight budget, especially when your taste skews toward those pricy runway designers, but with some creativity and help from... CONTINUE READING 12