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by Leslie Lewis Having good posture is SO important in our daily lives. When you stand or sit up straight your spine lengthens, your abs are ever so slightly engaged and your heart opens. You send a message to those around you that you are alert, confident and someone worth knowing. Having a three-star Army General for a grandfather helped me learn... CONTINUE READING 8

Do More Yoga

Most people are engaged in a constant battle with food.  They know they should choose the apple but the candy bar seems more inviting.  A few years ago I’d actually stopped battling, declared myself a loser and proudly always took the unhealthy choice.  And, because I was always making the unhealthy choice, I never noticed a... CONTINUE READING 9

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is great because it can be personalized to each specific person depending on skill level and need. And in a world where stress and chaos are hitting us constantly, we need a way to release tension and nurture ourselves. Yoga can help you relax and improve you whole body. We have outlined the main benefits... CONTINUE READING 18


We may sweat and struggle a little during our yoga class, but we always feel the same way by the end: Way more relaxed, positive, and serene. It’s time to get over your fear of intimidating yoga poses so you can take advantage of the stress-zapping benefits. As Leslie Lewis, a yoga teacher with Sangha Yoga Shala in NYC, says,... CONTINUE READING 11


Fine, we’ll admit it: We use the same dark purple yoga mat every Wednesday at our Laughing Lotus yoga class. It’s safe! And, well, totally boring. With fewer outlets for our sartorial creativity now that winter layers obscure all our cute clothes, we’re going to treat ourselves to a new, possibly ridiculous, potentially cool mat. Let’s take a look at... CONTINUE READING 11

8 Ways To Get Your Fitness On At The Beach

Want a body like an Olympian? Now that's a pretty lofty feat, but if you just want to get more toned and trim this summer, our favorite way to get our fitness on is at the beach! You basically get the best of both worlds—you get to spend the day in the gorgeous sun, sand and surf while burning off... CONTINUE READING 11

7 Simple Ways To Make The Most Of Your Lunch Hour

Where are all the workaholics out there? If you’re like us career-driven darlings at Shecky's, you know very well what it’s like to work straight through your lunch break once in a while. But that is the biggest mistake you can make! Eating lunch at your desk is perfectly fine, but don’t be shy when it comes... CONTINUE READING 7

Hottest Celeb Beach Bods & How To Get One

This summer, let’s make bikini season worthy of celebration instead of cringing! Don’t you want to be eager and anxious to show off your hot bod instead of frantically searching for a cute cover up? Take some tips from celebrities with banging beach bods like Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna and Blake Lively, and get ready to turn some heads at the... CONTINUE READING 7

Fun Fitness: Great Exercises If You Hate Exercising

Summer's slowly creeping up on us and for some of us, so is our weight! But who said that our outlook on working out had to be a bad one? Sure, some of you may think of exercise as one of the most torturous and dreadfully boring activities you could ever participate in, but I've got some great news for... CONTINUE READING 29

From Resolution to Revolution

We are almost done with January. Have you broken your New Year's resolutions already? Don’t worry if you have, you’re not alone! I gave up making resolutions a few years ago. I found they set me up to fail. I made crazy ones. They often brought up guilt, shame and feelings of unworthiness. I got to thinking,... CONTINUE READING 5