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Hey ladies, We’ve created a site guide to show YOU, our fabulous users, how to best use our new site. Check back every Tuesday on Shecky’s Buzz to get the scoop on a new topic. In this edition, we’re giving you the FYI on all of the new content in our revamped sections. No Boys Allowed “He did WHAT?!” For love worriers and warriors alike,... CONTINUE READING 19


Thinking about today’s Best Successful Girlfriend Crew (don’t forget to nominate—winners and the girls who nominate them get fab goodies!) had us wondering about our office environments. One Staffer worked with (almost!) all women at one point. She shares the surprising lessons she learned from her all-girl gig. “At one of my jobs, the company was small, close-knit and all chicks—save... CONTINUE READING 32

Best Successful Girlfriend Crew

(Must nominate 2 or more girls. The “2” may include yourself and a friend.) She and you, or some girlfriends you know are the go-getter entrepreneurs, the girls who left their boring cubicle jobs and started their dream business like the BFFs and sisters behind Georgetown Cupcake. These two friends are an example and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurial women everywhere. “My two... CONTINUE READING 4

Best 9-to-5 Girlfriend

She is the girlfriend you wouldn’t make it through a work day without. Whether your job is incredibly boring like Pam and Jim from The Office (minus the whole married part) or challenging…she’s got your back from venting about your evil boss to going with you on countless coffee breaks.   “I could never have gotten through my first job without... CONTINUE READING 2


Every day, someone somewhere is starting a new job, and every day, people in the workplace are forming new relationships. From friends to frenemies to crushes to romances, the workplace, just like anywhere else, is a prime place to meet and mingle. We asked one of our Staffers about a romantic relationship with someone she used to work with. Here... CONTINUE READING 31


I graduated college in the spring of 2009, at arguably the peak of the economic downfall. Depression, recession, whatever you want to call it, it was not pretty, and the hopes of me (and everyone else) getting a job were slim. Ever the optimist, I kept reiterating to myself through my half-full glass that regardless of... CONTINUE READING 8


Jobs today—you’re lucky to have one, right?! So what if they work you to the ground? Just take a look at your unemployed pals and feel a bit of gratitude for all the 14+ hours a day you spend hauling dry cleaning, deciphering your boss’ cryptic directions to feed her diabetic pet poodle, coming home only to sleep next to... CONTINUE READING 15


Normally we put fashionistas and entrepreneurs, Jennifer Diana and Melissa McGraw from, to work by contributing weekly stories about successful style. This time, we turned the tables and got the scoop behind their own personal success and style. Shecky’s: How did you meet each other? Jennifer: We were taking a class on website design at FIT. We teamed... CONTINUE READING 10


Expect…running (and falling) in heels. Spiro reveals that we will see her tomboyish character in seven-inch Christian Louboutins. “I didn’t get hurt, but here’s what I’m disappointed with: I didn’t get to keep the shoes!” she reveals. Expect…a new character. Funnygirl Rachel Harris (the comedienne behind shows like Reno 911 and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and on the big screen as Melissa... CONTINUE READING 10

Moving On
June 22, 2010

From the desk of an … Like an overdue  or mind-blowing sex, all great things must come to an end; one of those great things being yours truly, as I step down from my desk to move on to greater things. I’m off to seek the perfect man (in , duh!), start an  movement and become a full-time advocate for the... CONTINUE READING 21

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