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The colder temps are definitely fast-approaching and the urge to curl up in a blanket with your beau heightens. And now that it gets darker earlier, it feels easier to stay in bed and just read a book or catch up on shows on the DVR. Sometimes we can’t resist that cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows either. But let’s face... CONTINUE READING 5


by Dominique Fernandez Winter is nearing us, and those who don’t live too close to the equator (like myself) are starting to feel the cold! Brrr. It’s definitely time to bring out the gloves, double pair of socks, tights, scarves, coats, and ear muffs. However, before you do, there are a few fashion tips to keep in mind regarding the fabrics... CONTINUE READING 12


by Dominique Fernandez Who says that all honeymoons are destined to be in a tropical, beachy place? Sure – palm trees, clear waters, hammocks, and piña coladas next to the love of your life sound quite appetizing but there is an alternative. For those who have a winter wedding or who can only travel in the... CONTINUE READING 1

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As much as we’d like to pretend it’s not happening, winter is in fact approaching. And most likely, it’s going to hit us in the face in the form of a snowball. One day, we’re going to wake up, open the Weather App only to get immediately depressed as it’s all of a sudden 30 degrees outside. Winter is a... CONTINUE READING 20


The first day of Fall is only a few days away which means it’s time to put down the white wines and pick up some warming reds. These red wine inspired beverages are perfect for entertaining groups or a romantic date night at home with your man. Read on for some fall inspired recipes from our favorite blogs. Add a little kick to... CONTINUE READING 11

Merry & Bright: 5 Scented Candles That Will Lighten Your Mood

Sure, we all enjoy many of the sights and sounds of the season. Whether it’s strolling down Fifth Avenue in New York City to peer into the intricately decorated windows, or listening to "The Christmas Song" for the hundredth time on the radio, there’s a certain nostalgic feeling that brings us back to joyful moments of Christmas past. Since we’re... CONTINUE READING 14

Claudia's Picks: New York City

Just when I could see the sidewalks again in NYC, flakes of the white stuff start falling (ugh!). Warm up and take shelter from these Jekyll and Hyde weather conditions with a Girls Night In. All the products below will be available at Girls Night Out New York City. 1. Junk food, especially that of the sweet chocolate variety, is... CONTINUE READING 18


Boots? Check! Puffy Coat? Check! Hat and gloves? Check! Those of us living in cold climates have a similar mental checklist we run through to protect our bodies before stepping outside in the winter, and it's a good start. Unfortunately, keeping our bodies warm isn't enough to keep us comfortable. Why not? Humidity drops naturally in wintertime, and the heating systems... CONTINUE READING 20

Ways to Prevent and Manage the Flu

You’ve heard it before: the best defense is a good offense, and the saying is just as true when it comes to the flu as it is with love, war and the Super Bowl. Simply put: smart, healthy habits can go a long way in preventing the spread of respiratory illnesses like the flu. Protect yourself and those around you... CONTINUE READING 16

5 Winter Boots for the Workplace

This winter is certainly posing some unique fashion challenges. One of them that I personally have been facing is finding stylish winter boots that will keep my feet extra toasty and dry, won’t make me slip on the icy sidewalks, but I can still wear at work. So, do stylish winter boots you can wear to work exist? Yep, I've found... CONTINUE READING 9