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Seasonal Punches & Sangrias to Stir Up Before Summer Ends

Before you start warming mulled wine and spiking apple cider for fall, soak up all the delicious flavors of summer with seasonal sangrias and pretty punches that are backyard barbecue-ready and will offer instant refreshment on those steamy August days. Whether you want a cool watermelon punch adorably served straight out of a real watermelon, or a pitcher of white... CONTINUE READING 12


We already gave you our top 10 birthday treat recipes…but there’s something so obviously missing from the equation—birthday drinks! See our top 10 birthday beverages, and don't forget to celebrate Shecky's 10th birthday with our great gifts to YOU> -Cait Rohan I'm sure you’ve got a few summer b-days coming up, so cheers it to sunny weather and fun times ahead with... CONTINUE READING 8

Letters to Shecky's: Happy Women's History Month

Welcome to another edition of Letters to Shecky’s, a section where we take some of our favorite comments and share ‘em with all of you! It's March, which means it's officially Women's History Month and we can't wait to give props to women (including you guys!) all month long! From advice to other readers, to love for our posts, contributors and events, it’s... CONTINUE READING 4

Fresh Takes on Tropical Cocktails

While you may not be scantily clad on a beach as you sip these bevvies, you can easily imagine that you are, even if snow is falling outside. So, celebrate this Tropical Tuesday with a vacation libation! Mini umbrellas not required. -Lynden Halpern Nothing says tropical like a piña colada, but say goodbye to the typical type. This innovative twist features toasted... CONTINUE READING 14


Still don't have plans for New Year's Eve, or you're resolving to really be the hautest hostess in 2011? What you serve is an integral part of any successful soirée. While mini hot dogs and champagne are standard, a killer bash they do not make. Check out five simple (and delicious) food and drink pairings to serve on Friday evening or at... CONTINUE READING 16