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A Money-Savvy Editor on Travel & Entrepreneurship

The economy has been tough for every industry, but journalism has been pretty hard hit. Factor a down economy with slashed jobs in with the switch to online journalism and decreased attention spans, and you've got a recipe for disaster. Or, do you? When seasoned writer/editor Sara Clemence learned she was about to be laid-off, she and two girlfriends started... CONTINUE READING 14

Is It Waste, Or Is It Wealth?

One of the upsides of the recession is that it cut back on the amount of unnecessary spending in America. We were shelling out too much for clothes, appliances, video games, cosmetics, car accessories—you name it. And then we were spending on stuff to store all the stuff we’d bought but didn’t have a place for. But all that stuff, ironically,... CONTINUE READING 8

Tiger Moms...Hear Them Roar

“Tiger mom” is the latest buzz-worthy phrase swarming the airwaves and web interfaces. Tiger moms are Chinese mothers who employ extremely defined parenting skills. We live in a nation, and moreover a society, that is so weary of cultural stereotypes, yet extensive research has proved that the stereotype of the strict Chinese mother is indeed based upon fact. The article in... CONTINUE READING 5


All right, ladies, time to reminisce! Remember how cool Justin Timberlake was in 1996? We’re happy to report that he's actually more amazing today. Even over a decade later, Mr. Timberlake, we still wanna rock your body. Though he claimed he was bringing sexy back in 2007, we're pretty sure it never left his good-lookin’ self to begin with! Can you... CONTINUE READING 25