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Green Food Guaranteed to Make You Feel Good

While you may have had the best of intentions, it’s possible you may not have stuck to that "less brownies" resolution you made back in January. Since spring is marching closer—bringing us one step closer to bikini season—and today is St. Patrick's Day, it only seems appropriate to get healthy with good-for-ya green foods! -Tai Nycole Harriss Healthy eating doesn’t always have... CONTINUE READING 22


Can’t bear the thought of gnawing your way through another kale salad? Yeah, neither can we. We kind of wish we could give up on veggies and just eat chocolate all day (or fried chicken), but that whole “healthy living” thing is more than a little important. Most of our favorite veggie-fused recipes are pretty easy to make. We prep our... CONTINUE READING 24

9 Not-So-Basic Brown-Bag Lunch Ideas

Step away from the PB&J! If you've been lugging around the same ol' boring brown-bagged lunch since those grammar school days, then you're well overdue for a meal makeover! Get ready for bagged lunch to go grown-up gourmet—we're talking upscale sandwiches piled high with prosciutto, ethnic eats like stuffed, steamed dumplings, not-so-standard salads, delicious desserts to cap it all off... CONTINUE READING 9

7 Delicious, Nutritious Alternatives to Potato Chips

It's National Junk Food Day folks, and what's our favorite junk food over here at Shecky's? That good ol'  salty goodness known as the potato chip. But because we're watching our figures for summer (it is bikini season after all!), we've decided to lose those crispy, crunchy, but often grease-filled fried snacks in favor of healthier, but no less delicious... CONTINUE READING 18

Wedding Workout Plan: Fitness For Your Wedding Day & Beyond

Just envision it: you are a beautiful sight in white gracefully floating down the aisle on your big day. Your dress shows off your slim waist, toned arms and strong back. How did you get the bridal bod of your dreams? You've been crash dieting, taking pills, limiting calories, logging countless miles and attending those thrice-weekly Zumba and Yogalates classes.... CONTINUE READING 18

The Girls' Guide To Grilling

The feel-good, fabulous, firework-heavy holiday is finally here—hello, July 4th! With Independence Day primarily being celebrated outside soaking up the sun, it's only natural that we start prepping our ‘cue menu. But who said grillin’ was just for guys? We put together five must-know tips for our girly grillers to ensure that your barbecue turns out just as fabulous as... CONTINUE READING 14

Fab, Festive Fourth of July Party-Planning Tips

The Fourth of July is right around the corner ladies, a day to celebrate your independence and, of course, your right to party! Invite all your friends over for some fabulous festivities fit for the US of A’s 236th birthday. From fun July 4th fare to cool layered cocktails to pretty, patriotic decor, you’ll be ... CONTINUE READING 14

Get the Summer Party Started: 5 Fab Backyard Bashes

You’ve got the outfit, you’ve got the soundtrack—now all you need is the party! Summertime’s the best time to invite the friends over for a fun, festive gathering, especially as our backyards basically double as dining rooms. Whether you’re looking to host a large crew or an intimate group of close friends, we’ve got great ideas for giving your party... CONTINUE READING 11

5 Fabulous Ways to Get Your Veggie On

Veggies are the kind of food you either love, or love to hate. Either way, they are a key essential to our body's nutrition, therefore, you have to learn to love them! With these five creative, easy-to-make ways of getting your daily dose of vegetables, vitamins and fiber in, we are sure you'll absolutely love veggies by the... CONTINUE READING 7

Beat That Belly Bulge Before the Beach

In a few days it’ll officially be summer (even though we’ve been acting like it since Memorial Day!), and while we're super excited for summer to start, that just means we're one day closer to having to show off our bods on the beach. Eek! Not feeling bikini ready? Need a way to fight that belly bulge at... CONTINUE READING 12