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Valentine’s Day Chocolate Dos and Don’ts

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend, right? On Valentine’s Day, sparkles can definitely send the heart aflutter. Amazingly, another girl’s best friend that’s also synonymous with Valentine’s Day—chocolate—is a go-to gift with natural ingredients that can alleviate that bling-invoked fluttering heart from progressing to a very unsexy heart attack. Yes, it's hard to believe that what we call a... CONTINUE READING 11

Healthy & Easy Ways to Make Over Your Lunch Menu

You’ve probably heard the old adage, Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Merchant and dinner like a Pauper, but if you have time in the morning to make a spinach mushroom egg white omelet with toast and fresh fruit, then most of us don’t want to hear about it because: 1. We’re jealous and 2. We’re too busy... CONTINUE READING 14

Holiday Diet Survival Tips

Our most glutinous holiday is just a few short days away, and there's certain to be an abundance of food that can make us grateful not only for a bountiful meal but the invention of elastic pants. As we all know too well, after the kick-off of Thanksgiving, the month of holiday merriment can be tough to navigate comfortably in skinny... CONTINUE READING 12

The Girls' Guide to Playing Golf

What is it about golf that can make even the most self-assured, accomplished women feel like a little girl? Golf can be a frustrating, seemingly-impossible game, but it can also be an opportunity to schmooze and do business. Friendships on the course can lead to great networking and career opportunities, so pluck up some courage, rent/borrow some clubs and follow... CONTINUE READING 15

A Bikini Body All Year

With fall unofficially here, it’s off with the bikini and on with the sweaters, jackets, jeans, boots, parkas, hats, gloves and well, perhaps a few pounds. It’s a natural instinct to battle the cold of winter months with a buildup of “reserves,” but few of us actually spend our days in the elements hunting and gathering anymore...unless you count the... CONTINUE READING 16