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DIY Gold leaf

In the weeks leading up to New Year's, everything gets glitzed out with gold, from our wardrobe to our manicures. One of the easiest ways to add a little golden glitz and glamour to your home is with gold leaf, whisper thin sheets of gold (both real and faux) that are applied with a brush and can be used to... CONTINUE READING 7

8 Ways To Use Your Leftover Pumpkin

Once Halloween's over, you're left with a hangover, a candy coma and, oh yeah, a gigantic gourd that you have no idea what to do with. There's only so many pumpkin seeds you can toast or pumpkin soups you can slurp before you go berserk! To help, we've come up with eight new ways to use up those Jack-O-Lanterns that... CONTINUE READING 14

Fab Fall Decor For Under $100

What is it about fall décor that makes us want to snatch up every candle, blanket and vase in sight? From the color palettes to the design elements, this season’s home décor pieces are perfect for any apartment or house. To add a little festivity to your living space, check out our top fall decorative finds—all for under $100! - Rachael... CONTINUE READING 14

11 Elegant Decor Ideas for a Fall Wedding

‘Tis the season to fall in love! Autumn has finally arrived, bringing with it cooler weather, an array of colors and—yup!—weddings. If you’re looking for some fall wedding inspiration, look no further. This season lends itself especially well to classic, elegant decorations in beautiful color schemes such as brown and cream, oranges and reds, and hints of glam gold. We’ve... CONTINUE READING 4

5 Festive Ideas For Your Labor Day Party

Well that was fun! Summer is wrapping up and Labor Day is right around the corner, which means you've better get a move-on planning that farewell-to-summer fête you're throwing this weekend. To help you be the hostess with the mostess this Labor Day Weekend, we've got some easy do-it-yourself recipes and décor ideas to make that bash remind you of... CONTINUE READING 6

DIY Sweet Summer Dinner Party Decor

What's better than going to a dinner party? Hosting one! While the summer sun is still heating up, now is the perfect time to call all your family and friends and throw together a fabulous feast. Although you may have to pay a pretty penny for some delish food and drinks, there is no reason for you to have to... CONTINUE READING 4

Mom Cave: Her Own Space For Mother's Day

Sorry dad, your man cave will have to take a break until June because this Mother's Day, it's all about the mom cave. With Saturday's premiere of HGTV's new show Mom Caves shedding some light on mama's need for some personal space, this Mother's Day is the perfect time to give mom the best gift she could ever (but would... CONTINUE READING 10

Go Green: Earth-Friendly Décor for Your Digs

As any earth-loving gal knows, sustainability means making green lifestyle choices every day—it’s what you choose to eat, wear, and, of course, use every day in your home! In honor of Earth Day, I’ve put together a list of seven cute, crafty, eco-friendly home décor items to add to your pad. If you’re feeling inspired to do some spring cleaning,... CONTINUE READING 8

Prettify Your Pad For Spring

Spring's finally here and it's time to embrace all the beauty this season brings. But while we adore the crisp, warm, airy weather breezing through our cracked-open windows, why not bring some of that beauty indoors and reflect the season with fresh, funky decor to prettify your pad this spring. This way when nighttime falls, you can still feel like... CONTINUE READING 12


With these frigid temps and long, dark nights, you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in your home (*sigh*). So, what better time to redecorate your space than now? I’ve found a few chic, affordable accessories to help usher in winter and bring warmth to your home. There’s something about a durable wicker basket that makes any space feel... CONTINUE READING 9

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