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8 Budget-Smart Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

Valentine's Day is around the corner and with the onslaught of engagements already after the holidays, everyone will be planning weddings...and bachelorette parties to go with 'em. Be it your sister or best friend, planning a bachelorette party isn’t easy—especially when trying to consider the bride’s wishes and everyone's wallet. Ultimately, money matters play a major role in where, when... CONTINUE READING 18


Spending the holidays with your loved ones is tons of fun...but getting there can a real drag. Even if you're traveling to a warm, sunny island sans any annoying family stress, there's a lot of stuff to plan for—and a lot of stuff that could go wrong. Travel safely and problem-free with these easy holiday traveling tips! Traveling far? Leave a... CONTINUE READING 5

Comfy Travel Must-Haves for the Holiday Season

Who doesn’t love schlepping bags full of gifts to the airport during the busy holiday season? But, really, traveling can actually be pretty enjoyable once you get the hang of it—and keep in mind that you’re on your way to seeing loved ones. It just takes a little planning and a repertoire of comfy travel clothes and accessories to make... CONTINUE READING 16

Home For the Holidays...With Your Honey?

The holidays can put all sorts of new pressure on your relationship. In particular, you may be wondering...should we spend the holidays together, and if so, where?! Here's what to ask yourself when you think about holiday plans with your honey... -Jasmine Frazier How serious is the relationship? Generally, I'd say be in a relationship a year tops before spending a major holiday... CONTINUE READING 6

Hair-Care Tips for Holiday Travel

Whether you're off to paradise escaping the cold weather or going home to visit the relatives, your holiday travel logistics should still include hair care. Here are a few tips from one of our fave celeb stylists.... 1. Both hot and cold weather can make your hair frizzy and dry. Pack hair-care essentials like a great frizz-fighting formula (such as Angelo... CONTINUE READING 5

Beauty Travel Sets for the Holidays

I love the holidays, mostly because I get to be surrounded by family, which means I’ll be doing some traveling to see them. If you’re anything like me, you’re the type of person who wants to bring your whole makeup and beauty regimen no matter where you go. To make it easier on yourself (and myself) and lessen the weight... CONTINUE READING 12

5 Easy Ways To Heal Through the Holidays

It has been statistically proven that most breakUP’s happen right before the holidays (December—to be exact). There is no perfect time for a breakUP, but it seems downright cruel for it to happen during what’s supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year.” So what do we do when faced with the breakUP blues? We... CONTINUE READING 8

Take a Trip Abroad, Houston Hotties!

Hold on to those cowboy hats, Houston, because Shecky’s will be ridin’ into town in less than two days! And we’ll be sure to bring our passports ‘cause we hear going to Texas can be like traveling to a different country, y’all (one of the state slogans is: "Texas: It's like a Whole Other Country"). So, in case you didn’t... CONTINUE READING 18

Eating Well When on Vacation

It’s very challenging for most people to stay on the healthy eating track when vacationing. As the author of Clean Plates Manhattan 2011, a healthy and sustainable eating restaurant guide, I often encounter the question, “What should I do if I am not at a ‘Clean Plates-approved’ restaurant?” Clean Plates guidelines are a great set of tools to aid in choosing... CONTINUE READING 24

Are You Sick of Your Job?

The summer is beginning to wind down (sniff, sniff), and now’s as good a time as any to figure out how you feel about your job. If you’re lucky, you’ve just returned from a little vacation that has left you refreshed and inspired about work. If you’re unlucky, you’re slogging through yet another Tuesday and wondering, “Will I ever love... CONTINUE READING 9