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Having the gang over to ring in the new year? Rather than spending the final hours of 2012 slaving away over the stove cooking a full-blown meal for everybody, it's way more doable and enjoyable to serve up a scrumptious, diverse spread of hors d'oeuvres, perfect party bites made for munching one-handed while the other tips back a celebratory cocktail.... CONTINUE READING 8

Fun Twists on St. Patrick's Day Fare

The phrase we so often hear around St. Patrick's Day, "Luck of the Irish," definitely applies to the eats from Ireland. But, it's likely that not all of us are gonna sit down to an all-out traditional feast come March 17. See some updated takes on the usual Irish food to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! -Kenia Mazariegos Unlike regular bready sandwiches, Taste... CONTINUE READING 4

Tummy-Warming Mexican Dishes

Halloween may be over, but another holiday is here. No, no we’re not talking Thanksgiving or Christmas (…yet). Today and tomorrow mark the Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration in Mexican culture. Although this holiday is actually focused on gathering friends and family to honor those passed, I’d like to pay homage to the culture itself with... CONTINUE READING 5

Thanksgiving Survey from Shecky's!

Turkey, and stuffing, and cranberries, OH MY! Whether you’re just waking up post an eventful Thanksgiving eve or have been up cooking since the wee hours of the morning, feast-time is finally here! Once the last side dish has been plated and the final family member arrives, you can relax after much prep and anticipation. We wish a very happy and... CONTINUE READING 11


The most delicious holiday of the year is almost here! I know you’re all for gobbling up the fabulous food (so am I!), but hosting your own Thanksgiving affair or showing up at your boyfriend’s cousin’s annual get-together with an amazing dish can be just as fun—and easy. Forget searching sites or cookbooks for turkey, side and dessert recipes—I’ve rounded... CONTINUE READING 30


One of the best parts of summer is undoubtedly the salads that sprout up. But just because it’s getting colder and certain fruits and veggies are hibernating doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy light (and satisfying) salads this season. Here are four of my favorite fall salad recipes, PLUS a great drink that supports breast cancer awareness. What a way to... CONTINUE READING 19