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Admit it: you love kissing. You can’t get enough of it, especially from your S.O. (that’s “significant other,” for those of you who don’t spend your days reading about relationships on the internet). Kissing can make your foot pop, your belly tingle, and turn you on. It’s romantic, sexy, and intimate. And it’s loaded with health benefits. -Natalie Brown 1. It... CONTINUE READING 13

10 Child Stars Who Didn't Turn Into Hot Messes

Nowadays, it seems you can't even walk out of your house without hearing yet another story of former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes holding herself hostage for hours in a Starbuck's bathroom, or once-upon-a-time Disney movie princess Lindsay Lohan ill-advisedly getting behind the wheel yet again, only to run another person down with her car. The worrying duo is just a... CONTINUE READING 33

Just Date Already! Co-Stars Who Should Be Couples

Co-stars shacking up on set is a tale as old as time. Whether they’re extra-marital trysts (see: Spencer and Katharine or Angie and Brad), real-deal life-long romance (Goldie and Kurt, Kevin and Kyra) or sexy little on-set flings (well, everyone in Hollywood really), film stars have been blurring the lines between fact and fiction for decades. But what about the... CONTINUE READING 6

Style Steal: Kate Winslet

Is there anyone who doesn’t love Kate Winslet? She’s beautiful, talented and super stylish but, best of all, she’s still as down to earth as ever.  Our favorite fair English rose is back on the silver screen as, fittingly, Rose in the re-release of Titanic, the epic ‘97 romance that made us laugh, cry and cry even harder, and to... CONTINUE READING 9

Where Are They Now: '90s Crushes

Oh come on, we all did it—ripping apart every Tiger Beat and Teen People for that perfect picture of Leonardo DiCaprio to put on the ceiling above our bed (what…just us?). Lovely Leo’s back on the big screen the way we first fell in love with him, as romantic rascal Jack Dawson in Titanic 3D. We all know what happened... CONTINUE READING 29

Best Valentine’s Day Movies for Single Ladies

For our unattached galpals out there looking to spend this Valentine’s Day curled up with a good movie, we’ve got some pointers for what to watch…and what not to watch. Grab your BFFs (no, not Ben & Jerry) or watch solo, but take our advice either way! -Lynden Halpern Good for Singles Clueless A story about “kids in America”…errr, girls in L.A., this movie... CONTINUE READING 13