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What could be better than some of the site sections we already have? How about webisodes where we put our Shecky’s content live on camera? Welcome to Claudia’s Closet, an ongoing webisode featuring President and Chief Discovery Officer, Claudia Chan. Yep, Claudia’s here to let you in on what’s hot, new and undiscovered…just like a best girlfriend would. Speaking of... CONTINUE READING 7

Meet Thuy
July 20, 2010

I was introduced to Thuy a few years ago by a mutual friend Norwin who said, “You must meet my friend Thuy—she’s the only other female friend I have who can bust my chops the way you do, and you’ll really respect her because she’s dedicated to building her fashion brand the way you’re dedicated to building Shecky’s.” As fate... CONTINUE READING 18