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Hey Soul Sisters: Pop Culture’s Best BFFs

Our beaus get Valentine’s Day, moms get Mother’s Day and dad, Father’s Day, but what about our best friends? Well get ready to shower some lovin’ on your best bud because tomorrow is National Best Friend Day and to celebrate, we’re honoring some of pop culture’s most fabulous female friendships. From classic TV twosomes like Lucy and Ethel, to badass... CONTINUE READING 12

Best Valentine’s Day Movies for Single Ladies

For our unattached galpals out there looking to spend this Valentine’s Day curled up with a good movie, we’ve got some pointers for what to watch…and what not to watch. Grab your BFFs (no, not Ben & Jerry) or watch solo, but take our advice either way! -Lynden Halpern Good for Singles Clueless A story about “kids in America”…errr, girls in L.A., this movie... CONTINUE READING 13