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Admit it: you love kissing. You can’t get enough of it, especially from your S.O. (that’s “significant other,” for those of you who don’t spend your days reading about relationships on the internet). Kissing can make your foot pop, your belly tingle, and turn you on. It’s romantic, sexy, and intimate. And it’s loaded with health benefits. -Natalie Brown 1. It... CONTINUE READING 13

What Movies Have Taught Us About Makeup

Ah, movies. They make us laugh, they make us cry, and sometimes the really good ones have us pondering about the meaning of life hours after we’ve left the theater. Who would have known that movies could offer us another life lesson in the makeup department? Yes, you read right—beauty plays a key role in every movie, be it romance,... CONTINUE READING 4

Chick Lit Flicks: Fave Big-Screen Adaptations

Don't have time to sit down and read an entire book? Ugh, join the club! These ever-busy days, my reading time's been relegated to thumbing through Vogue on the subway to work—not exactly the stuff of literary scholars. But just because we don't have the time doesn't mean we have to neglect our favorite reads—you can hang out with the... CONTINUE READING 11

She Picked Him?! Rom-Com Couplings We'd Redo

Does this ever happen to you: you’re watching a romantic comedy and come the big finale, that grand moment when the leading lady has to choose between two lads to live happily ever after with, you always end up screaming at the TV because you know that Rachel McAdams/ Reese Witherspoon/ Katherine Heigl is totally picking the wrong guy?!... CONTINUE READING 8

Girls Night In Pink Party

Sleepovers are some of our best childhood memories, from "pinky swear" secrets to crazy pillow fights to—gulp!—Truth or Dare. Sure, our kiddie days are over, but that doesn’t mean we should let the youngins have all the sleepover fun. A grown-up Girls Night In party is just what you need to catch up with friends, have heart-to-heart convos and exchange guy... CONTINUE READING 12

Celebs We Wanna Be BFFs With

Our National Girlfriend Awards are starting up THIS Monday, August 1, and Monday is also National Girlfriends Day. To get you psyched for the upcoming awards, we're featuring six celeb women we really wish we could be BFFs with. Read on to see my picks and tell us who you wish you had regular happy hour plans with. -Elana Lott Rachel McAdams Why... CONTINUE READING 21


In the earliest stages of a bad break-up, before the put-yourself-out-there-and-date-any-weirdo phase, chances are that you just want to sit indoors and bawl your eyes out. But when the self-pitying stuff gets a bit too draining, you want to sit in your bed (with five-days unwashed hair, in your holey granny undies and a stained tee-shirt, Ben and Jerry's pint... CONTINUE READING 14

Best Valentine’s Day Movies for Single Ladies

For our unattached galpals out there looking to spend this Valentine’s Day curled up with a good movie, we’ve got some pointers for what to watch…and what not to watch. Grab your BFFs (no, not Ben & Jerry) or watch solo, but take our advice either way! -Lynden Halpern Good for Singles Clueless A story about “kids in America”…errr, girls in L.A., this movie... CONTINUE READING 13