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By Roselyn Sebastian Nothing can ruin a sexy pair of stilettos like dry feet. Foot care is something we forget about most of the year, especially because we can hide our toes in socks and boots during the winter. But summer practically demands that we wear open-toed shoes. Unless you want your friends to tease you all season, wearing Doc Martens... CONTINUE READING 9


No matter what you’re doing with your guy this Valentine’s Day, there’s one gift that never, ever disappoints: A personal massage. Unless you’re Monica Geller on Friends, who gave infamously terrible massages without realizing it, your boyfriend will appreciate your hands on his worn-out muscles. Of course, massages can range from the G-rated (sitting behind him, clothes on) to the NC-17... CONTINUE READING 18

Holiday Travel Beauty Must-Haves

'Tis the season to be holiday traveling with beautiful friends! The holiday hustle and bustle has finally arrived and if you are anything like us, the constant layovers, pit-stops and train-rides makes us irritable, tired and, dare we say, just not pretty? To combat any beauty-cramping traveling scenario, we've rounded up 14 holiday beauty-travel must-haves perfect for any carry-on... CONTINUE READING 7

Baby It's Cold Outside: This Season's Must-Have Lip Balms

Dry, chapped lips are definitely not cute. Look, if you are tired of cracked, paper dry lips, a new lip balm probably sounds pretty darn good right now! As the temperatures drop, hold your own with Mother Nature and rejuvenate that pout with these irresistible hydrating lip balms. ChapStick Cheerful Lip Kits Bring some holiday cheer to your lips... CONTINUE READING 10

Grooming Products To Get Your Guy For Movember

Has your man become a Mo Bro? We’re officially about halfway through Movember, and that means the 'staches are probably getting a little out of hand right about now. We don't mind our man with a little festive facial scruff or a 'stache to support Movember, but when your beau starts looking like the long lost member of... CONTINUE READING 7

10 Essential Oils: For Your Skin, Hair, Everywhere!

Once upon a time, oil of any kind was a huge taboo. We wouldn't dare let oil get close to our skin and definitely not our hair! Oils were reserved for fragrant candles and diffusers, not beauty products. Now, however, essential oils have taken center stage and have proven to be good for a lot more than just fragrance. Essential... CONTINUE READING 8

Beauty to Love Your Body on Valentine's Day

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So today is the big day for spreading the love to your husband, your 90-year-old grandma, that forever-single BFF…but what about giving a little lovin’ to yourself? Yep, I’m talking love-your-body beauty, stuff that’s stellar side effects will last way longer than a mini box of chocolates or half-wilted roses from the grocery store! Bonus? Most of... CONTINUE READING 10

Great Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Hanukkah begins tonight and Christmas is this week, but chances are that some of you have seriously procrastinated on shopping and don’t feel like dealing with jam-packed stores, out-of-stock inventory and screaming kids on a mall-Santa's lap. Get your shopping done in between baking cookies when you order any of these eight gifts online. Just be sure to select the... CONTINUE READING 28

Spotted at: Holiday Night Out New York City

When we were little, our version of a holiday fantasy featured busy elves slaving away to make us the latest toys and a big, fat man magically delivering them to our houses. But now that we’re all grown up, our holiday dreams tend more toward complimentary cocktails, Goodie Bags, holiday shopping for unique stuff without the hassle and spending time... CONTINUE READING 15

Shecky’s “Have to Have” Girlfriend Gift Guide

We can't believe that the holidays are almost here! Haven't checked the leading ladies in your life off your list yet (your best friends, moms, sisters, fave aunts...)? Check out 21 amazing things to gift your girlfriends (ranging in price from $3-$100!) on! PLUS, make YOUR gift wish list on and share it with your friends. CONTINUE READING 12