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Happy Thanksgiving! What an odd coincidence it is that Trey’s birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year! This Hip-Hop/R&B artist has risen to success since his debut in 2005. And like a good bottle of wine, he only gets better with age. Here’s a few reasons we’re thankful for Trey (happy birthday!). 1. That voice From his catchy hip-hop collabs to his soothing... CONTINUE READING 10


by Mekishana Pierre It's a Vegan Thanksgiving! It's that time of year again: the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving in which you're measuring your loosest sweat pants, calculating the distance from your seat at the table to the nearest couch perfect for a post-dinner nap, and waging your bets for who is going to get the first concussion in Turkey Bowl. It's... CONTINUE READING 8


by Dominique Fernandez At some point in our lives, we'll all most likely be hosting our very first Thanksgiving. Scary, huh? It's the ultimate family-gathering and food-loving feast of the year, that we all practically crave once November comes around, but the process that leads up to the feast is a whole other story. Whether you’re... CONTINUE READING 15

Lovely Leftovers: DIY Beauty Made From Your Thanksgiving Meal

So you’ve stuffed your face with all the leftover Thanksgiving fixings you can handle. Now what?! Before you throw anything out, you might be interested to learn that the dishes you find so deliciously yummy can also be turned into awesome beauty treatments for your skin. We’re all about recycling, and now is the perfect time to use up those... CONTINUE READING 3

Say Thanks This Thanksgiving with Sweet Stationery

Thanksgiving is a time when most give thanks to the people and moments that have enriched their lives throughout the year. Many family and friends gather over a delicious spread of food, fun and laughter, but while there are many highly regarded traditions that take place during this time of the year, there is one tradition that I look forward... CONTINUE READING 2

Quick Fixes for Thanksgiving Dinner Disasters

If it’s your turn to whip up a Thanksgiving feast for the family this year, chances are you might be feeling a little anxious. Will the turkey turn out dry? Will the mashed potatoes have lumps? Will the pie come out cracked? If these are thoughts racing through your mind, then let us put you at ease. For every disaster... CONTINUE READING 2

10 Fab Touches For Your Thanksgiving Table

There's no denying that Thanksgiving is one of the most delicious holidays of the year. When we think of this feathery and festive affair, it's hard not to conjure up images of the delicious feast that goes along with it—the smell of sweet potatoes with marshmallows melting on top, the golden glow of the carefully stuffed bird, the bowl of... CONTINUE READING 4

6 Festive Nail Colors For Turkey Day

Can you believe it?! It only feels like yesterday we were bronzing our bods on the beach eating fudgesicles during the day, and sauntering down the boardwalk with funnel cake in hand with friends at night. Now that the leaves have changed, our favorite summer spots have closed for the season, cooler temperatures have arrived and Thanksgiving is already here!... CONTINUE READING 3

5 Fall Pies Ready For Your Thanksgiving Table

Turkey? Check? The fixings? Check. Cocktails? Got ‘em. What could be missing? Duh, the pie! Thanksgiving dinner simply isn’t complete without a yum-filled pie and we’ve got not one but five of them. Filled with fall goodness like caramel apples, cranberries, pumpkins, pomegranates and maybe a shot or two of bourbon (oh come on, it’s the holidays!), you definitely won’t... CONTINUE READING 12

Host Your Most Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner Ever

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy good food with family and friends, but for many, it’s a day of sheer and utter panic. There’s that gigantic bird to baste, the dozens of guests to please, the whole house to clean, and through it all, you have to be the very image of party-planning poise. Sounds totally impossible, eh? Nay! We’ve... CONTINUE READING 5