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Wedding Traditions: New, Old and Over

There are some traditions that have stood the test of time and some that are starting to get nixed from modern weddings. Which ones should stay and which should go? And what new one should you add? Check it out here! -Terra Khachooni OVER IT: Stopping the music for silly stuff. More and more weddings are opting to omit traditions that interrupt the... CONTINUE READING 27

The 3 Things That Matter Most on Your Wedding Day

The idea is to focus on personalizing your wedding, not through centerpieces, name cards and chiavari chairs, but through your vows, toasts, songs, music and dancing. Bring out the essence of who you are as a couple, because that's what people will remember! The Dancing. Wherever you end up getting hitched, it will be the energy or feeling at the venue... CONTINUE READING 15

Wedding Music Videos: Yay or Nay?

What's the latest and greatest in weddings these days? It’s not the photo booth, or the choreographed dance down the isle…it’s your wedding video. Many brides hire someone to film their wedding so they can go back and revisit those moments again and again. But how many people get bored of watching their our own wedding videos (answer: a lot!)?... CONTINUE READING 24

Dos and Don’ts for Announcing Your Engagement

I recently got engaged. It was incredible. He did it on a boat, under a willow tree in Central Park. (Say it with me… awwwww!) Everything was fabulous and I was so excited to tell the world. But with all that instant communication available right now, news travels fast. I wanted to be sure everyone that mattered learned about my... CONTINUE READING 51

Last-Minute Mother’s Day: Simple Bonding Experiences

Once upon a time, mothers loved getting teapots, hand-written cards, maybe even a snazzy sweater. But the modern mom is hip, fresh, active, and would much prefer to spend some quality time with her daughter. Mothers have changed and thus Mother’s Day is changing too. When thinking of what I’d like to get for my mother, who is currently on a... CONTINUE READING 5

Roost: Easy and Fun Social Media Management

Shecky’s is always proud to break the latest news on girl gadgets that are guaranteed to boost your success! Roost, who just launched their product at a conference in San Francisco last week, has developed a super-easy way to stay connected to your friends and fans. Celebs like the Kardashians, designers like Tory Burch, and even your favorite restaurants or bars... CONTINUE READING 8

Smarter Online Dating

When you think of online dating, you think of love, two people meeting at a café for the first time with big smiles. eharmony and commercials portray success stories and you might've heard about some great matches from friends. But there's also the Craigslist Killer. Now that meeting online is considered “normal,” we forget too easily about online privacy. Having so... CONTINUE READING 2

Which Online Dating Site is Right for You?

The most obvious affect the web has had on the dating scene is the ability to search online for a soulmate, a date, even just a hook-up. But which dating sites are successful? Fun? Dangerous? We’ve looked at some of the top sites for meeting people so you can decide which one is right for you. IF YOU'RE AFTER A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP/MAYBE MARRIAGE: The... CONTINUE READING 8

How to Be Your Own Photo Editor

As girls, we LOVE taking pics and want them to look as good as possible; take the red eye out, smudge out that pimple, add a fun talk bubble, border, etc…. But bad news: Photoshop is the technical software that pros use to fix photos, and it costs around $700 (eek!), plus most airbrushing is done only on celebs! So, unless... CONTINUE READING 7


Still don't have a gift for your man? Use this weekend wisely and go shopping for guy-friendly gadgets. If he doesn’t already have an iPhone, Android, iPod or iPad, I would beeline to Best Buy for the best deals. Not exciting enough for ya? Check out my top five techie picks for V-Day presents and swipe your card! If you... CONTINUE READING 13

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