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Quick & Easy Meals for a Beach-Ready Body

Whether you intend on rocking a bikini this season, have a wedding coming up, or just want to take a little better care of yourself, one of the best ways to do so is to makeover your menu. Fear not if you think eating well entails time and money that you don’t have. I’ve compiled five fast and fabulous recipes... CONTINUE READING 13

Best U.S. Beaches in Your Backyard

It’s nearly beach season, but that doesn’t mean a wallet-draining vacation to another corner of the country or the world needs to be in the works. Shecksters from every state can take in the sand and surf at one of these five beaches, all easily reachable right here in the United States, all just as beautiful as any international escape.... CONTINUE READING 14

Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Towers

Here's food for thought no matter how gloomy the weather may be: grilling season is getting here, and with it will come tons of scrumptious creations. We're getting a head-start on the celebrating and saying you should serve up these Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella Towers, stat. This recipe includes easy to find and combine ingredients that'll result in a summery starter to... CONTINUE READING 11

Vacation Destinations for Every Want and Need

After hibernating all winter, you could certainly use a vacation—and a tan. Thankfully, spring is here, and stuff like (hopefully!) extra dough back from taxes and (fingers crossed!) a more relaxed work sched mean time for a vacay. Get away to one (or more) of our top five vacation destinations. -Kristina Kawas On a Budget: With a plethora of beaches, plenty of... CONTINUE READING 23

4 Fun Holiday Party Themes

Holiday parties include the requisite little black dress (or little blue dress!) attire, yummy foods and desserts, and plenty of cocktails. But after 15 invites to the same type of holiday bash, any party girl can get a little bored. So throw a last-minute holiday theme party or a leftover bash in the week after Christmas or New Year’s (what are... CONTINUE READING 7


Boyfriends, husbands and guys in general are great to have around. They change lightbulbs, offer up snuggle time, make us fat…weightttt, what? Those expensive dinners where they order guy food, all that chilling in bed.... One Staffer put on a few pounds since she started dating her guy. Find out why and tell us if this ever happened to YOU. “It... CONTINUE READING 63


A while back (the first day of summer), we told you why we’re in love with . Now that summer is coming to a close, we’re checking back to see what you’ve successfully accomplished. Take our quiz and answer every question or just let us know your responses to a few. We gave our answers, just to give a little... CONTINUE READING 22


Since September is two short days away, we surveyed our Staffers and found the summer foods they have to enjoy before it’s too late. Here are the treats they love to eat in the hot, hot heat! “Guacamole! And swordfish on the grill with cilantro and lime.” “Weight Watchers Giant Fudge Bars.” “Watermelon.” “Strawberries and watermelon. Alone or in salads, both are so refreshing.” “Fruit... CONTINUE READING 21


The Creative Arts Emmys have already been presented this past weekend (go Betty White!), but the 62nd Primetime Emmys are coming up fast. This weekend, Jimmy Fallon will host the gala event on NBC, honoring those on and off camera in the TV world. The Emmys are always a fun event to watch, whether it’s to see if your favorite... CONTINUE READING 17


Knock the sand out of your ears—September is around the corner, bringing a bonanza of seasonal expenses. You need a roadmap to keep your money in track for fall. Here it is: Remember your summer budget? Sure you do. Now you need a new one for all the fun and games you have to pay for this season. Take 20 minutes: Look... CONTINUE READING 12