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What to Bring to a Fourth of July Party this Weekend

Chances are you’re invited to a BBQ or two this Fourth of July weekend…but we know you might be having too much fun to bake up a dish of your own to bring (if you do have time, get fab recipes right here>). Go the lazy way and still be a good guest by arriving with any of the following... CONTINUE READING 28

All-American Beers

The best way to get pumped for any holiday is to drink up and drink plenty. Do your Fourth of July right with perfectly suited American beers, terrific for washing down all that meat you'll be grilling. From summer seasonals, pale to brown ales, and lagers to boot, this list of all-American beers will have you hankering for a fifth, sixth... CONTINUE READING 14

What’s Your Vacation Style?

It's almost Fourth of July Weekend! To get you ladies pumped, we wanna know...what's your summer vacation style like? Take our short survey below! View Survey CONTINUE READING 12

Sun Protection Tips

With the recent FDA regulations, we wanted to offer some sunscreen tips for your consideration from board-certified cosmetic dermatologist and fellowship-trained Mohs skin cancer surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Mark. Dr. Mark is a credible expert with four prestigious practices, including two in the Hamptons (he is celebrating his 10-year anniversary practicing in East Hampton and Southampton this summer), one in Aspen... CONTINUE READING 16

Celebrate Summer with Red-Hot Grilling Recipes

Summer is officially here and it’s time to get hot with just about everything! So, spice up standard summer fare this BBQ season with grill-ready recipes that are smokin’ and spicy. See our fave red-hot mains, sides and desserts! -Cait Rohan Are you a true fan of spicy fare? I’d like to dub’s Dragon’s Breath Grilled Salmon a “spicy challenge” for its... CONTINUE READING 13

Tips for a Wine and Cheese Party

Gathering the gals for an intimate get-together? Or throwing the bash of the summer? Whether your soiree is small or large, low key or outrageous, nothing entices the ladies like wine and cheese, so stock up and get your game face on. has fun tips on how to spruce up your wine and cheese party this summer. First and foremost, cheeses... CONTINUE READING 23

4 Fab Ice Cream Trucks

Summer is officially here as of yesterday, and you know that our 10th birthday means we’re indulging you (and ourselves) with treats and goodies galore! Need another reason to eat ice cream right about now? It’s National Dairy Month and July is National Ice Cream Month, so that icy-cold, ooey-gooey sundae is completely justified. ...And what better way to get your... CONTINUE READING 21

Creative Travel on Less Than $300

Just because you’re eager to get away doesn’t mean you’ll need to spend a fortune. Sometimes a weekend-long scenic hike is all you need to unwind. Check out LearnVest's ideas for weekend getaways that cost less than $300: Head To A Bed-And-Breakfast. We far prefer a solid B&B to a pricey hotel. In our experience, the rooms at a B&B are... CONTINUE READING 10

For Father’s Day, Timeless is Time-Filled

With Father’s Day this weekend, you might have already gift wrapped that new pool cue, bottle of Scotch, or fishing-fly-feathery-bug-thing you were told was the Louis Vuitton of the fishing world, and can’t wait to see Dad’s smile when he unwraps your thoughtful gift. “I love you, Dad” can come in ribbon-tied boxes, but it can also come in meaningful... CONTINUE READING 6

Fiber-Rich Foods: Summer’s Quicker Tummy Tucker

Warm weather is finally here, so it’s time to say goodbye to bulky layers...and the extra pounds that have been hiding behind them. Dreading the thought of baring your beach body this summer? For a flat stomach, healthy glowing skin and improved energy, the solution is simple: up your fiber intake! The ADA recommends 25-35g of fiber per day for women... CONTINUE READING 14