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Eating Well When on Vacation

It’s very challenging for most people to stay on the healthy eating track when vacationing. As the author of Clean Plates Manhattan 2011, a healthy and sustainable eating restaurant guide, I often encounter the question, “What should I do if I am not at a ‘Clean Plates-approved’ restaurant?” Clean Plates guidelines are a great set of tools to aid in choosing... CONTINUE READING 24

Are You Sick of Your Job?

The summer is beginning to wind down (sniff, sniff), and now’s as good a time as any to figure out how you feel about your job. If you’re lucky, you’ve just returned from a little vacation that has left you refreshed and inspired about work. If you’re unlucky, you’re slogging through yet another Tuesday and wondering, “Will I ever love... CONTINUE READING 9

How to Avoid Honeymoon Wreckers

Summertime is wedding season, which also means it's a hot time for honeymoons, too. But, even if you are the most organized bride-to-be ever, all that wedding planning can distract you from mapping out the h-moon. Which is basically a recipe for post-I-do disaster. That's why every busy soon-to-be bride should read’s tips for avoiding honeymoon wreckers. At the top... CONTINUE READING 17

White Sesame Chicken Lollipops

Summer is all about trying new things. New swimsuits, new guys, new activities...and new food! Make eating fun this summer with these White Sesame Chicken Lollipops. Less mess, no cutting and delicious flavor mean you'll be the Life of the Party Girlfriend (have you voted for a winner in our National Girlfriend Awards yet?) when you show up at an... CONTINUE READING 17

The Ultimate Fitness Party

Keeping fit can be tough in the summer, especially if you're going on vacation, indulging in gourmet food and drinks, and relaxing all the time (guilty!). Since summer is the season of partying, why not incorporate exercise into your soiree agenda with a fitness party? Lucky for you, has a slew of great party ideas to keep you and your leading ladies... CONTINUE READING 17

He's Got a Different Vacation Agenda Than I Do

Ladies, I’ve already let you in on why I think vacationing is a relationship maker or breaker. But, as I’ve just so recently realized, deciding where to stay is way different with a guy than it is when traveling with friends. This harsh reality was brought up when my boyfriend suggested that we stay in a hostel room with other people.... CONTINUE READING 56

Girlie Stuff We Couldn't Have Gotten Through Without Guys

We know August is all about the celebration of girls and friends in honor of our National Girlfriend Awards, so we'd like to confess to some really chicky stuff that we've done in our lives. And while we are independent, strong women, there are some things that we just couldn't have done without (gulp...) guys. So, even though we're a... CONTINUE READING 35

Ultimate Relaxation: Tea Time

Ever since the marriage of Wills and Kate, tea has been trendier than a hipster in tight jeans. And even though the temps may be high, there's no, er, cooling off for this hot commodity. A warm refreshing tea is perfect to help you relax during those lazy summer days...and it's nice and healthy to boot! Still not sold? Brew a... CONTINUE READING 39

12 Quick Ways to Save Up for an End-of-Summer Getaway

Whether your summer goals were to get a great tan or show off your stylish new swimsuit, it's not too late to make them happen with an end-of-summer getaway. Though the final weeks of the season are starting to slip away, there are still plenty of ways to save some quick cash. Try a few of these tips and you'll... CONTINUE READING 14

The Art of the Perfect Salad

With hot temps and tons of walking to do, summertime is prime time for indulging in a refreshing, light and healthy salad. But as your Haute Hostess Girlfriend (have you told us why SHE is your Haute Hostess Girlfriend in the National Girlfriend Awards yet?) and know, making the right salad takes a leeeetle more effort than just some... CONTINUE READING 21