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Finally! You’ve conquered your weight goal and are lookin’ good in that itsy-bitsy bikini. But with all these and outdoor parties you've got lined up all summer long, will that bikini still look like that on you after week two? Sure will! We’ve compared nutrition facts on some of our favorite summer meals with better-for-you alternatives. So go ahead,... CONTINUE READING 3


Last Tuesday we got great responses from our “” story (thanks! We love you!). Lisa liked our suggestions, but she wrote us, "I don't mind hanging out alone but how do you go to a bar alone?" Well Lisa, we've done some research and we've got some tips for you (and your fellow Shecksters!) just in time for the weekend. Research First Don’t... CONTINUE READING 8


There’s a three day weekend coming up on May 31, lovelies. (Can we get a “hallelujah?”) If you’re looking to seriously make the most of your R&R, we’ve found four of the most fun places in America, each perfect for a 72-hour getaway. Although we’ve made our map with coupled-up cuties in mind, these trips are just as amazing when... CONTINUE READING 1


Every once and a while we crave some solo time. With the chaotic interactions at , constantly being the go-to gal when your girls need to vent or dealing with dating drama, sometimes the best solution is to hit the town…alone. The initial thought can be frightening, but we've got no-fail tips for flying solo. Who says you need a significant... CONTINUE READING 1


The words “summer ” might bring you back to the days of making peanut butter pinecones and singing “Kumbaya” around a fire pit, which er, really isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time unless you’re five. Lucky for us, summer camp has gotten a serious upgrade from just tambourines and campfire tunes. The Ladies Rock Camp is a three day Brooklyn-based... CONTINUE READING 0


It’s still spring, but summer concerts are right around the corner and some of them are cropping up early (if you’re in NYC-area check out Bamboozled this weekend). Grab the right dress/romper, put your essentials in your bag (don’t forget the ), pop on those shades and top it all off with a hat. To Wear What’s in a name? The... CONTINUE READING 2


We aren’t really big on getting down and dirty doing stuff like...camping. (Wait, we have to pitch a tent? Where are the outlets? No beds?) We've always wondered if there was a better way to enjoy the great outdoors and still keep some semblance of luxury. Luckily, we stumbled upon glamping; the perfect combo of glamorous living and camping. Count... CONTINUE READING 1