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With the Fourth of July a distant memory, who wants to wait until Labor Day for another celebration? Not us! It’s the perfect time to put a twist on Christmas and party holiday style with a summer twist. And with this heatwave, who doesn’t want to at least pretend that it’s a little colder out? That means eggnog on the... CONTINUE READING 7


Feeling a little under the weather because of the, er, weather? We feel you. We love summer, but being hot, humid and sweaty is so not our thing. How to survive the heat and stay calm? Gabrielle Bernstein of has expert advice to help you out. “Let’s face it. The heat is on! I walked outside today and felt like... CONTINUE READING 10

Nautical Accents for Your Home

In the heat of summer, who isn’t dreaming of a getaway on a yacht sailing through the Mediterranean? Castaway and recreate the nautical feel in your home with these simple and affordable décor ideas and items. Yourself and every house guest will enjoy this summery update to your space. These beautifully made Anchor Napkins ($76 for a set of four)... CONTINUE READING 18


Like many of you out there, summer is a Sheckster’s favorite season, but when the temperature rises (feels like...106?!), it can be hard to keep your cool, especially traveling to and from work in this gross mess. We’ve thought up a list of things that will help you from becoming a total bee-hatch during the dog days of summer. Beauty: When... CONTINUE READING 21


While we have all the respect in the world for our coupled-up companions, we have to acknowledge that there’s nothing like riding solo in the summer—the most carefree season of them all. Here’s why! 1. Being single means itsy bitsy teeny weeny (yellow polka dot?) bikinis all summer long and flirting with whatever fella you fancy.... CONTINUE READING 25


Your calendar is packed with summer fun after work, and who has the time and energy to run home and change outfits in between? Whether you’re having cocktails with the girls, hitting the town with your work BFF or dining al fresco with your significant other, we have some suggestions that will take you from the office to a night on... CONTINUE READING 13


No matter what your (long, yessss!) weekend entails, you’ll need to look put-together and pretty. From hanging on the beach to chilling at a barbecue to hitting the town, we've got new ways to incorporate red, white and blue into your wardrobe, no matter what your patriotic plans are. Beach Babe: Headed to the shore this weekend? The dress code doesn’t... CONTINUE READING 15


Fourth of July is all about fun, right?! Um, until you're at a standstill on the highway in insane heat, your grandma is telling her “When I was a girl” stories, it's a downpour...or you feel so not sexy in your swimwear. Fear not. In usual democratic form, we’ve banded together with you, our best girlfriends, to solve your worst... CONTINUE READING 10


Always vow that this year is THE year that you’re going to plan an awesome bash to celebrate America’s birthday? We know the clock is ticking down to the Fourth, but we’ve got a few patriotic things you that are easy to do...even if you wait till the day of. Backyard Cocktail Swap: Whether you have acres to call home, or... CONTINUE READING 8


You already know that , so here are some date ideas to spice it up even more. Dinner outings with your man can get expensive, and let’s be honest, kind of dull after a while. Spice things up for practically free with these fabulously fun date night ideas. Now grab that sense of adventure (priceless!) and leave the Amex at... CONTINUE READING 22