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10 Ways to Beat Boredom This Summer

We always look forward to that time of year when it’s warm outside, the sun is shining and we have a few days off work here and there—yep, we're talking about summer time! But our days off or long weekend days can leave us a tad bit bored of doing the obvious activities like going to the beach, floating... CONTINUE READING 11

Bye-Bye Summer Love, Hello Fresh Faces!

Summer may feel like a long-lost dream now that your tan has faded and you’ve swapped those booty shorts for cardigans. And if you’re like many other daters, you may also be in the process of saying good-bye to a hot summer romance. And that’s a good thing! No matter how steamy your summer fling was, now is the time to... CONTINUE READING 22

“When You Fall for Someone with All Your Heart, Remember to Take Your Head with You”

Happy Hump Day! We know the middle of the week can be a drag, so we're introducing our bi-weekly series of inspiring posters from best-selling author Karen Salmansohn. Karen brings fun nuggets of self-help advice on her blog daily (or more than daily!) on EDITOR'S TAKE: I recently visited a friend who was getting over a summer fling. She'd been having... CONTINUE READING 15

Labor Day Party Etiquette for Hostesses from Hospitality Expert Emillio Mesa

Now that you’ve sent out the invitations, chosen a theme and bought the decorations (see Emillio’s tips on planning and cooking for the perfect Labor Day party), it’s time to brush up on your party etiquette. Do you fancy yourself little Miss Manners? Well, see hospitality expert Emillio Mesa’s party dos, and tell us if you agree! A Labor Day weekend... CONTINUE READING 15

Throw a Labor Day "White Party"

With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week hitting New York City next week, it's best to stay away from committing any fashion faux pas, so wear all your white clothing items while they're still socially acceptable. suggests throwing an end-of-the-summer/Labor Day weekend white party to get it all out of your system. Tell your party guests to don white for the fiesta and... CONTINUE READING 7

Labor Day Brunch Recipes from Hospitality Expert Emillio Mesa

The holiday weekend is almost here, so now it’s time to really get things cookin’! Hospitality expert Emillio Mesa is back with Labor Day brunch recipes that are sure to be a hit this weekend. And what better way to unwind and forget about work than with deviled eggs, fresh fruit skewers and mimosas? YUM. Deviled Eggs with Turkey Bacon and Chives Ingredients: 12... CONTINUE READING 22

10 Ways to Have an Endless Summer

September’s here, and while I’m excited to break out my fall wardrobe, I’m still bummed to see summer go. As we all bid a fond farewell to warm weather and sunny days, take a peek at these 10 products that will keep a dash of summer all year long. -Megan Willett To keep your beachy bed head (without the help of surf... CONTINUE READING 35

Bacon-Infused Dishes for Labor Day

Summer may be coming to a close, but I’m excited about one thing—since I’m not required to wear a bikini anymore, I can go back to indulging in some treats a little bit more liberally. And, because the Saturday before Labor Day is International Bacon Day, I’m going to celebrate accordingly with bacon-infused eats. Here are five of my faves... CONTINUE READING 17

Labor Day Party: Tips from Event Planner Emillio Mesa

Holiday parties can be challenging, from knowing who to invite to choosing the perfect decorations. And with the long weekend fast approaching, some of you may be looking for help as you plan the perfect Labor Day celebration. Fear not, because event planner Emillio Mesa is here to share his best tips for throwing a laudable Labor Day party. Read... CONTINUE READING 14

Weird Ice Cream Flavors

With September in less than a week (eek!), we’ll soon be saying "goodbye" to our favorite frozen treats. As you’re getting in your last summer ice-cream fix, maybe it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try that new flavor of the month you’ve been eyeing. But some flavors are stranger than others, and did some research to... CONTINUE READING 13