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Dive Into Aquatic Skincare This Summer

If you always wanted to go 10,000 leagues under the sea, take a chance as we dive in headfirst with this aquatic beauty guide. Researching the latest and greatest ultramarine and aquatic skincare unearthed these eye-opening beauty facts and deep sea beauty finds that you won’t want to deprive your skin from. From seaweed facial masks to sea salt scrubs... CONTINUE READING 11

The Brozilian: Great or Gross?!

Nowadays, it’s not an uncommon sight to see a gent parked next to you in a pedicure chair at the salon. Since the rise of the metrosexual in the early aughts, men have been taking on treatments usually reserved for us ladies, from eyebrow waxes to spray tans to man-icures. Hell, they’ve tried everything…or so we thought. Enter the brozilian—yep,... CONTINUE READING 20

Skincare Rx: Medical-Approved Skin Saviors

Suffering from skin problems? Every woman has those appeared-overnight wrinkles, under-eye circles you just can’t cover up, dry skin that doesn’t respond to regular ol’ lotions…. The issues are, unfortunately, endless! Doctor knows best for skin snafus like these, but that doesn’t mean you have to book that impossible-to-get appointment with your dermatologist. Check out some of these skin treatments... CONTINUE READING 14

Stay In for Date Night

Even with our best intentions, keeping the romance alive can be a bit challenging on these chilly days. With the sun setting so early and the erratic temperatures, who really wants to leave their warm home to schlep anywhere for the sake of romance? Why not enjoy some quality time with activities that are wallet-friendly and loads of fun? I've... CONTINUE READING 22


With the holidays over, you may have noticed a lingering pain from partying a little harder than usual or your skin might look not-so-hot after all those NYE toasts (eek! Is that a pimple?). Fret not! We’ve compiled a list of the best spas across the nation to help return your face, mind and body to pre-holiday brilliance, all of... CONTINUE READING 13

Girlfriend Fun Guide: Washington, D.C.

Our forefathers picked a really great spot for the hub of the U.S. government. Not only is our capital home to Congress, the White House and a bunch of historic stuff, it’s now a cultural hot spot with tons of fun restaurants, bars and shops. We searched for the absolute must-visit places that locals rave about. When you're in town... CONTINUE READING 13

Throw a Pampering Party at Spas Across the U.S.

The only thing better than a day of pampering is spending it with your BFFs! Luxurious spa services plus great pals are just the ticket for any stressed-out chica to really be able to unwind. So whether it’s your birthday, a treat for your bridal party or “just because,” take a look at some of our Beauty at Its Best... CONTINUE READING 8

Girlfriend Fun Guide: Los Angeles

We can’t wait to take our GNO event to L.A., where stars are in the sky, in the streets and on the sidewalks! Not only are we pumped to bring our Goodie Bags and vendors to La La Land, but seeing our Cali cuties is always a blast. You Shecksters are the reason why it’s called the City of Angels,... CONTINUE READING 11

Girlfriend Fun Guide: Miami

What we wouldn’t give to be in Miami right now. Everything in this city is hot, from the nightlife to the weather to our spicy Miami Shecksters! Though our GNO event is still about three weeks away (let the countdown begin!), we’ve chosen some of our favorite places to relax, stay, dine and shop while you’re in the city. Take... CONTINUE READING 9

Girlfriend Fun Guide: Atlanta

Hey, Hotlanta hotties, Shecky’s will be comin’ to your city soon! Things are sure to get peachy when we roll up with Goodie Bags, awesome vendors, complimentary bevvies and more. And while you’re waiting, why not hit up some of our favorite places to eat, shop, unwind and stay—trust us, Atlanta is called the New York of the South for... CONTINUE READING 16