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It’s 11/11, and although I love my body, there’s something I’ve always wished for: skinny, cellulite-free legs. In 10th grade, my crush told me that I had a “badonkadonk” and then explained that it meant I had a big butt. I’ve been self-conscious about the whole butt/thigh area of my body ever since. It’s because my crush was right: I... CONTINUE READING 13


We all know that sometimes pain is beauty and vice versa, but beauty is also money. With all the products in your drugstore aisle, it can be tough to sort out what works and what's not worth it. So snag these tried 'n' true 2010 Beauty at Its Best award winners for pennies and make them a part of your daily routine. -Lynden... CONTINUE READING 14


Cait here! After months of working on our 2010 Beauty at Its Best Awards, I was psyched when it was finally time to announce our awards and attend Beauty Night Out in New York City. Here are some of my fave finds from the event. -Cait Rohan Beauticontrol's amazing holiday beauty package—everything smelled like chocolate! See their Instant Face Lift Set as a... CONTINUE READING 16


The recent gay bullying has all of us thinking about what others might find less than perfect about ourselves, promoting a lesson in self-acceptance, self-worth and ultimately, truth. Cari Kamm’s documentary Lights. Camera...TRUTH promotes her book Fake Perfect Me. Kamm says: “Fake Perfect is the desire of wanting to be so accepted that you are more perfect at being fake... CONTINUE READING 29


Growing up in New York City, my friends and I called Miami the sixth borough. A lot of my close girlfriends went to the University of Miami, so I've had the fortune of visiting and getting the lay of this party-land since my college days. A number of (undisclosed!) years have gone by, but it’s still my go-to for a four day getaway when I need... CONTINUE READING 13


Boston again! Love this city for its collegiate coolness, wagamama locations and birth to uber-cool companies for women: 1. Fresh (addicted to their Sake skincare line) 2. (get in on their local deals ASAP) 3. The oh-so-fab (I look forward to their featured sales every day) 4. Reebok (...have you seen their butt-shaping kicks, Reetone?) 5. Polaroid (want them at Shecky's events to... CONTINUE READING 12


Marcella Holley asked: I have dark circles under my eyes. How can I fix them? Good news, Marcella! You CAN get rid of dark circles. Since this is such a common question, I phoned up Dr. Dima Ali. Owner of both the WellMedica Anti-Aging and Wellness Medical Spa and beauty line Cosminology, Dr. Dima is an expert on dark circles. Sculptra was originally used for H.I.V.... CONTINUE READING 35


As the leaves slowly turn to all shades of red and yellow, we must kiss our light and barely-there summer beauty and makeup routine goodbye and switch to heavier lotions, serums and foundations. This change can take a toll on your skin. But using the right masks (and we’re not talking the spooky Halloween types here) can make all the... CONTINUE READING 28


They say everything is bigger in Texas, and I'd have to agree with that—living spaces, food portions, football and, well, let's just say I felt a tad flat-chested while I was there! In Houston, I found some adorable quaint neighborhoods with great spas, shops and restaurants. We're not coming to Houston this season, but go on our Events page and invite... CONTINUE READING 7


Julie’s question: "My eye makeup always creases by the end of the day. I use an eye primer but that still doesn’t work." Hi Julie, Oily eyelids are no fun! Let's look at the positive side of having oily skin though, you're going to look younger longer naturally. Yup, those annoying oils actually protect and hydrate to ward off wrinkles and age... CONTINUE READING 25