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Sister Act: Most Stylish Celeb Sisters

Happy National Siblings Day! To celebrate the fun holiday, take a gander at some of our fave celeb sisters who are keeping it all in the family when it comes to their good looks and great style. From standbys like the Olsens and the Kardashians, to new stylish kids on the block like the Maras and the Fannings, these lovely... CONTINUE READING 13

A Restaurant-Owning Sister DUO

Sure, you love your sister (or your girlfriend who's practically related!), but could you ever work with her? What about creating and owning an upscale restaurant with her? Think the sibling rivalry (cough, hair-pulling, name-calling...) would rear its ugly head once again? Not so. Meet sisters, Sabina and Lorraine Belkin, co-owners and creators of NYC restaurant and lounge, DUO. See more... CONTINUE READING 5

Embarrassing Family Mishaps

As they say, "You can pick your nose, you can pick you friends but you can't pick your relatives," which is why relative-related embarrassing moments are even more hilarious than your usual garden-variety mishaps. Whether it's dad's questionable fashion choices, mom's out-of-touch questions or your not-so-sweet sister's revenge tactics, there's always a funny family story to tell. See our embarrassing... CONTINUE READING 18

“The Best Thing My Best Friend Ever Did for Me”

Today marks the start of the 2011 National Girlfriend Awards presented by Shecky's AND National Girlfriends Day. In celebration of the two, we thought we'd share a few "best things my best friend ever did for me" moments. Read below and don't forget to tell us who SHE when you nominate for the National Girlfriend Awards. "When I was a... CONTINUE READING 5


With holiday shopping season upon us, it's time to make a list, and not just for yourself. Remember: giving can be far more rewarding than receiving, especially if you're presenting loved ones with unique, off-the-beaten-path, knock-your-socks-off gifts. In order to ensure your gifts impress (and elicit effusive "thank you's") this year, we've come up with some genius ideas for the... CONTINUE READING 10

Old-School Gifts for Your Girlfriends

There’s something about this time of year that makes me feel young again—really young, as in maybe five years old. In that case, what better to gift your oldest gal pal with than something that reminds you both of your shared childhood (aww!)? I know we already gave you some options on gifts for girlfriends, but wrap these up for... CONTINUE READING 16


After returning to work from being sick all week, I dabbled with the thought of heading home and spending a night on the sofa. Then I checked my calendar and saw Shecky’s Girls Night Out. How could I miss it—especially since it was my first one? I headed over in search of accessories and the infamous Shecky’s Goodie Bag. Here's... CONTINUE READING 11


It’s great sharing clothes with roommates, sisters and moms, but newly launched I-ELLA.COM offers an even cooler way to expand your wardrobe. What's the Fuss All About? Every week, the site auctions off the contents of a celebrity closet. So instead of borrowing the BCBG stilettos that your sister wore to the Christmas party last year, you can snag the Louboutins that... CONTINUE READING 18


Hi ladies! Cait here, reporting from my very first Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I grew up playing fashion show and sketching dress designs on placemats at restaurants with my two sisters (and one very tortured brother), so attending the shows is a dream come true for me. I know it's not over yet, but here are some of the top trends... CONTINUE READING 16


10. The Real Housewives of Atlanta This fall season, the ladies of Atlanta will be back with more drama and more headlines, proving they still keep us glued to the tube. The show will debut October 4 on Bravo with new women, new lovers and more catfights. And we thought the Jersey girls were leading the RH rumor mill.... PSST! Click through to... CONTINUE READING 19

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