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Girls Night Out Preview: San Fran with the "Girl Frans"

San Francisco, it's time for you to get a taste of one of the best nights you could have out with your ladies, Shecky's style! Start off with some taste bud-teasing cocktails and work you're way through the show room to get your fill of jewelry, clothes, spa treatments, home decor and the abundance of other attention-grabbing goodies that will... CONTINUE READING 4

Shecky’s Picks: San Francisco

California, here we come! We’ll be hitting up San Francisco as the second leg of our California tour-de-Shecky’s, and we couldn’t help but pay homage to one of the city’s greatest sights: The Golden Gate Bridge. Did you know that the bridge took four years to build and has since been noted as one of the most photographed bridges in... CONTINUE READING 19

Have Fun with Florals, Boston!

Spring is a whole day old and we couldn’t be happier about it. Get ready for a season of sunshine (and maybe a few April showers), followed by even more sunshine and warmth this summer! Girls Night Out Boston springs into town this week (March 23 & 24), bringing with it a ton of fun and floral flare. Check out our... CONTINUE READING 3


Item Name: Large Sun Vase Price: $362 AUD (Australian Dollars) Designer: Dinosaur Designs Where to Buy: Why: Discover Dinosaur Designs—I have been buying their resin bangles and necklaces for years, and I love layering them, mixing and matching colors, or just wearing one alone. Materials like resin, silver, glass and ceramic are what make this brand so unique. I'm adding their list of haute... CONTINUE READING 16

Claudia's Picks: Holiday Night Out

Ornament yourself (or someone else!) this holiday season with items that will be available at our Holiday Night Out event in New York City. All that glitters isn't gold...because it can also be silver, or even bronze! Score these metallic must-haves December 15-17. 1. So different and so cool, the Faux Four Finger Ring (Retail Price: $89.99 18t over brass/$129.99 in... CONTINUE READING 16


Stop procrastinating (yes, summer is officially over as of last week) and snap up trendy fall accessories that add a little now to last year’s pieces. These add-ons offer big-time style at budget prices. Animal prints are huge this season and if you’re into playing it safe, sport this statement as a smaller accessory. Royal Access’ Animal Print Pendant Rings ($2.49... CONTINUE READING 35