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Unless you're just meeting friends for a post-hangover brunch or parking your butt on your guy friend's couch for an Archer marathon, it's smart to head into any social gathering knowing how to work the room. Whether you're in stiff pinstripes at a corporate gathering, mingling with strangers at a birthday party, or putting your best fashion (and dating) foot forward... CONTINUE READING 9

Letters to Shecky's: Volume Two

Welcome to another edition of Letters to Shecky’s, a section where we take some of our favorite comments and share ‘em with all of you! It’s a new year and you, our readers, seem more eager than ever to make changes and stick with them! From advice to other readers, to love for our posts, contributors and events, it’s a ton of fun... CONTINUE READING 3

Letters to Shecky’s

We are so lucky to have such loyal readers who comment regularly on our posts, galleries and event pages, so we've created a formal forum on the weekends to share our faves. Welcome to the inception of...Letters to Shecky's! From advice to other readers, to love for our posts, contributors and events, it's a ton of fun to see what you... CONTINUE READING 5


Celebrate 10 years of Shecky’s Girls Night Out with this once in a lifetime offer—$10 Goodie Bag tickets*. This special runs from 10/10/10 at 12:00AM EST to 10/10/10 at 11:59PM EST. People are always curious about the origins of amazing products. Just as Facebook was invented by a college kid from Harvard and is now an international phenomenon and the... CONTINUE READING 26