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Five Beauty Tricks for Busy Chicks

Are you a girl on the go? Do you have a job that keeps your on your feet 24/7? Or are you busy jet-setting across the world, shopping at the most lavish boutique, sipping on the most expensive champagne while holding a meeting across seas for your upcoming fashion line? Whatever has you up and running, we’re sure these helpful... CONTINUE READING 9

5 Revolutionary Beauty Products You Need to Know About

Pampering and taking care of ourselves can be costly and time consuming, and in the summertime, the last thing we want to be doing is slaving away in the bathroom making ourselves up instead of heading out and enjoying that summertime sunshine. Transform your makeup routine with five revolutionary beauty products that will save you money from the salons and,... CONTINUE READING 12

Spotted at: Girls Night Out Chicago

A big hello from Chicago! It’s Tina from My Highest Self, a blog where you can find all things beauty and fashion, with a plethora of product reviews, news, events, and giveaways. I spent last Friday night with a few friends at Union Station to enjoy Girls Night Out in Chicago. We laughed, we sipped cocktails, we... CONTINUE READING 7

Girls Night Out Preview: Chic Chicago

Start the weekend off right by joining us at Shecky’s Girls Night Out Chicago! On April 19th and 20th, we're bringing the party to Chi-Town, with new vendors, more cocktails, overstuffed goodie bags and the fabbest fashion for spring. From sparkly jewelry and sweet spring styles to Maybelline makeovers and long-lasting manis, GNO has all the ingredients needed for an... CONTINUE READING 6

Spotted At: Girls Night Out, Atlanta

Hey y’all! It’s Ms. Chrys from Married2Makeup, a special little place on the web that’s dedicated to makeup, fashion, and all things girly. After a long day at work, nothing’s better than getting together with your girlfriends, letting loose and enjoying a few drinks while shopping. And that’s just what I did at Shecky’s Girls Night Out in Atlanta!... CONTINUE READING 13

Cool Long-Wearing Nail Polishes

Getting manis and pedis at the salon can really put a dent in your wallet, and when that polish chips, the cost becomes soooo not worth it! I've found a few ways to prettify your nails at home, all in cool colors and with long-lasting formulas. Nails Inc. brings you Crystal Colour ($19.50 on, a reliable, easy, go-with-everything nail... CONTINUE READING 8