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Worst Holiday Proposal Situations

Maybe I watch too many rom coms, but if you’re a girl like me, at one point or another you’ve daydreamed about opening a huge gift from your BF during the holidays—only to find a tiny box inside containing the most beautiful engagement ring! While it's cheesy and cliché, getting proposed to on Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa) can be... CONTINUE READING 18

When Santa Goes Broke: Shopping for Kids on a Budget

When I answered my seven-year-old’s Christmas request for an iPod Touch recently with a “no” (and a side of “are you kidding me?”), he shot back: “But you don’t even have to pay for it! It’ll be from Santa.” I was temporarily stumped, but I reminded him that not only is Santa on a budget just like we are, he also... CONTINUE READING 5

Laughably Awkward Holiday Lingerie (That's Not On Our Lists)

Thought the wacky sexy-gone-wrong get-ups went out with Halloween? Ho, ho, no, my friends! Holiday underthings usually conjure up innocent images of granny panties bedecked with red-and-green reindeer, but I've come across a whole new trend of saucy holiday stuff that's more bah, humbug than hubba-hubba! -Cait Rohan The “sexy Santa” thing always poses a problem. “Hmm, let’s take an old, obese... CONTINUE READING 21

Holiday Treats that are (Almost) Too Cute to Eat

It’s officially December, which means that a few festive thangs are on the horizon and you're probably going to need to cook at least one holiday dish. Instead of prepping the uje seasonal staples, take a stab at making something too cute for words…and almost too cute to eat. Almost. See my six fave dishes, featuring an adorable cast of... CONTINUE READING 9

Christmas in July Cocktails & Mocktails

Oh, the weather outside is...scorching! Yep, since it's 100 degrees in the shade out there, bring yourself indoors and enjoy an ice-cold, Christmas-inspired drink. How can we even imagine Yuletide cheer and wintry temps at a time like this (oh, the heat-wave hasn't fried your brain cells yet, just us...)? Check out five freezing-cold, refreshing takes on classic Christmas cocktails... CONTINUE READING 31

Christmas in July Desserts

Ho, ho, ho...t temperatures may be here for a while, but there’s a fun and easy way to cool off just a tad. How? Pretend it’s Christmastime (think: below-freezing temps, three inches of snow, dangling icicles…)—all of the following five Noel nibbles have a cool, summery spin. Hey, they say that Santa’s always watching, so spreading the cheer early will... CONTINUE READING 29

Have a Hollywood Holiday

Baby it’s cold outside, so why don’t you snuggle up in front of the fire with your loved ones and take in the true spirit of the holidays, Hollywood style. No, we don’t mean with extravagant parties and shocking divorces (looking at you, ScarJo and Ryan Reynolds), we’re talking movies! From yuletide classics and sidesplitting comedies, to those romances that make... CONTINUE READING 7

Would You Ever Play Sexy Santa?

I know I’ve talked about , but this week I’ve found a different kind of sexy costume for a holiday coming up. Envision Santa or Mrs. Claus and you usually picture an overweight, elderly person. Not so much with the Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Santa ($98). Yeah, yeah, yeah, the red velvet teddy with marabou trim is pretty standard for anyone... CONTINUE READING 10

Holiday Shop in Your Bathrobe with Wishpot

With Black Friday here, the last thing I want to do is fight the crowd to find the perfect gift for my dad. This year though, I’m in luck! With, I can shop from the convenience of my own home, snag great savings AND find unique gift ideas for everyone on my list. WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? In the chaos of... CONTINUE READING 16


We know Halloween is over, but we're already haunted by a fear of another sort: holiday shopping! With quite a few people on your Nice list, and nary Santa's workshop, endless budget or express delivery to work with, we know you're feeling a bit "Bah Humbug" about present buying right now. Don't end up on everyone's Naughty list for 2011. Our Staffers... CONTINUE READING 28