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Spotted at: Girls Night Out San Francisco

Hi ladies, this is Silvana from Glitz Glam Budget, a blog where you can find all things beauty and fashion on a budget! I’m here to bring you the inside scoop on Girls Night Out in San Francisco, a place where you can find one-of-a-kind fashion, try on unique accessories, and spend quality time with your girlfriends. Let's take... CONTINUE READING 9

Girls Night Out Preview: San Fran with the "Girl Frans"

San Francisco, it's time for you to get a taste of one of the best nights you could have out with your ladies, Shecky's style! Start off with some taste bud-teasing cocktails and work you're way through the show room to get your fill of jewelry, clothes, spa treatments, home decor and the abundance of other attention-grabbing goodies that will... CONTINUE READING 4

The Woman Behind a Healthy Cookbook You'll Want for the Holidays

The holidays are here, which usually means nummy but not-so-good for us foods. But...why does tasty have to equal bad for our health? Acclaimed author, chef, TV personality and journalist, Christianne Klein, penned Christianne's Herbal Kitchen: Fresh Herbs for the Body and Soul ($16.05 on not only as a recipe book focusing on flavorful, healthy, herb-filled foods, but... CONTINUE READING 4

Spotted at: Girls Night Out San Francisco

Bonjour, Shecky’s fans! My name is Shari Wargo Stamps, and I’m a Bay Area native, writer for and deal sleuth for Plum District who doesn’t miss a good Shecky’s Girls Night Out (GNO) San Francisco. I was especially excited about the discounts and dish on clothing, jewelry and more at this season’s event! Cointreau returned to San Francisco’s GNO with... CONTINUE READING 16

Girls Night Out Preview: Brighten Your Day, San Francisco

In just two days, Shecky’s will be taking over San Francisco for our GNO event! We can’t wait to bring our Goodie Bags and awesome vendors to the Golden Gate City and, of course, to see all of our SF sweethearts (aww!). We know it can get pretty foggy in the bay area, so we’ve chosen our favorite picks that... CONTINUE READING 7

Crazy-Good Pizza Across the Country

While the debate over which state has the best slice may never end, one thing is for sure—no matter where you're from pretty much everyone enjoys a good pizza! At a loss for the best hometown pie? Want to know what kind of slice to order when you're in a new city? Here are five pizza places around the USA... CONTINUE READING 15

Event Faves: San Francisco

It’s the city of the Golden Gate Bridge, a stellar music scene and home to the delicious Ghirardelli chocolate—that’s right, Shecky’s Girls Night Out is headed to San Fran. And to whet your appetites with what’s to come, Shecky’s editors have chosen our favorite sweet picks that you can find at our event this November. The only thing sweeter? All... CONTINUE READING 8

Girlfriend Fun Guide: San Francisco

Hey Frisco friends, Shecky’s is headed to your city soon! We love San Francisco for its rolling hills, eclectic architecture and, of course, all of the gorgeous gals that live there. But the Golden Gate Bridge isn’t the only big tourist draw in the Golden City—San Fran also has plenty of boutiques, great eats, spas and places to stay. Check... CONTINUE READING 8

Fashion's Night Out Across America

To all our fashionistas not based in America’s style capital (ahem, New York City!), Fashion’s Night Out is sweeping the entire nation tonight, with stylish events in so many cities! And while the exclusivity of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is fabulously fun, nothing screams fashion + power to the well-dressed people like FNO. Here’s a round-up of some of our must-sees... CONTINUE READING 11

What to Pack for Every Vacation Destination (Under $50)

Packing for vacation can be stressful, but don't let pre-trip chaos cramp your style. We're bringing you fabulous pieces for five standard vacation destinations. Whether you're headed to the beach for some R&R, trekking into the wild (of nature) or visiting a concrete jungle, here are some items you may want to add to your travel bag (all under $50 a... CONTINUE READING 32