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Girl-Approved Drinks for Super Bowl Sunday

It's Super Bowl Sunday and the men are in charge of one thing: beer. But you'd rather sip ice water than wash down all that delish food with a gulp of their boyish brews! If your taste buds aren't too keen for anything that comes in a keg, try a few of these female-friendly beverages that correspond with the Pats... CONTINUE READING 13

Fave Fall Beers & Cocktails

With Oktoberfest and football season both in full swing, there’s no better time to indulge in a brewski. But good German beers can be hard to come by here in the U.S., and we know that barley-and-hops bevs aren't every girl's guzzler of choice. So, we’re sharing our favorite fall drinks, be they traditional beers or seasonal twists on cool... CONTINUE READING 10

4 Hottest Founding Fathers

Amidst all the red, white and blue fireworks, mustard-soaked hot dogs, sun-baked beers and elation felt from a federally sanctioned day off from work, it’s easy to forget the guys that started this country. In honor of those few brave men, I would like to take you back 200 plus years to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. And... CONTINUE READING 15

All-American Beers

The best way to get pumped for any holiday is to drink up and drink plenty. Do your Fourth of July right with perfectly suited American beers, terrific for washing down all that meat you'll be grilling. From summer seasonals, pale to brown ales, and lagers to boot, this list of all-American beers will have you hankering for a fifth, sixth... CONTINUE READING 14