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by Cass Daubenspeck We haven’t heard a lot about Baby Goose the past few months, ever since he took a break from acting to care for baby farm animals and tousle the hair of orphans somewhere, or something (we can speculate!). But now there’s a big rumor that made our day - Ryan’s being considered for the role of Batman in... CONTINUE READING 4

7 Sirs Who Should Never, EVER Sport a 'Stache Again

November is drawing to a close and with it comes the end of Movember and the facial fuzz that goes with it. We’ve got to give it up to the devoted gents who grew out lip ticklers to support prostate cancer awareness all month long, but while there are some lads who can rock the hell out of a ‘stache,... CONTINUE READING 11

5 Famous Hotties Who Deserve The Sexiest Man Alive Title

Channing Tatum has deservedly won this year's coveted title of Sexiest Man Alive from People magazine (need a reminder why? Just watch Magic Mike!), and while we have absolutely zero gripes with their choice, there are a few more fellas that we feel also deserve to get the title in the near future. Come on Peeps, stop with the whole... CONTINUE READING 6

Happy B-Day Baby Goose! 5 Reasons We Adore Ryan Gosling

Thirty-two years ago today, our beloved Baby Goose hatched from his egg, to which we've got to give a big hormone-fueled thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Gosling for creating this gorgeous creature. How do we love Ryan Gosling? Oh, let us count the ways...actually, there are way too many ways, but to start, here are five: - Christina Izzo #1:... CONTINUE READING 11

7 Sexy Actors Perfect to Play Christian Grey

Everyone and their mother (literally) has read E. L. James's erotic-lite lit hit Fifty Shades of Grey by now and the blogosphere's been simply abuzz with casting rumors of who will play lead characters Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele when the steamy tome gets the big screen treatment. Gorgeous girl-next-door types like Emma Watson, Alexis Bledel and Lily Collins are... CONTINUE READING 23

The Full Monty: Our Fave Movie Nude Scenes

With Channing Tatum and co. joyfully stripping down in our fave summer flick Magic Mike, the sight of those well-muscled men in next to nothing got the wheels turning in our brains, calling to mind even more memorable movie nude scenes from our favorite films. Throughout movie history, it’s notoriously been chicks who’ve dared to go bare onscreen, but every... CONTINUE READING 8

Just Date Already! Co-Stars Who Should Be Couples

Co-stars shacking up on set is a tale as old as time. Whether they’re extra-marital trysts (see: Spencer and Katharine or Angie and Brad), real-deal life-long romance (Goldie and Kurt, Kevin and Kyra) or sexy little on-set flings (well, everyone in Hollywood really), film stars have been blurring the lines between fact and fiction for decades. But what about the... CONTINUE READING 6

5 Sexy Canadian Celebs: Our Hot Neighbors From the North

Today is Canada Day, the 145th anniversary of the day that three colonies combined into our friendly neighbor up north, and to celebrate, we’re offering up some mighty delicious reasons to give it up for the True North Strong and Free. We’re not talking maple syrup or Canadian bacon—no, we like more the man meat variety they’re serving up north!... CONTINUE READING 5

She’s Got Game: Celeb Single Ladies On the Prowl

It’s no secret that we’re all for sowing your wild oats before you settle down, so we’ve just got to give it up to these celeb single ladies who are doing exactly that! From Blake to Rihanna, Cameron to Madonna, these ladies have racked up a pretty impressive (and hot!) little black book over the years, and it doesn’t look... CONTINUE READING 10

Where Are They Now: '90s Crushes

Oh come on, we all did it—ripping apart every Tiger Beat and Teen People for that perfect picture of Leonardo DiCaprio to put on the ceiling above our bed (what…just us?). Lovely Leo’s back on the big screen the way we first fell in love with him, as romantic rascal Jack Dawson in Titanic 3D. We all know what happened... CONTINUE READING 29

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