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All right, ladies, time to reminisce! Remember how cool Justin Timberlake was in 1996? We’re happy to report that he's actually more amazing today. Even over a decade later, Mr. Timberlake, we still wanna rock your body. Though he claimed he was bringing sexy back in 2007, we're pretty sure it never left his good-lookin’ self to begin with! Can you... CONTINUE READING 25


Philly is one of my favorite cities closest to NYC—parts of it have a politically modern feel like something out of Batman's Gotham City, while other neighborhoods are old and historical. But this interesting marriage of two completely different vibes creates a city with amazing food (hometown of Starr Restaurants like Morimoto and Buddakan) great boutiques, artsy theaters, and most... CONTINUE READING 17


What can I say, I am a bit biased when it comes to Upper West Side vs. downtown NYC. I was UWS near Central Park for like 13 as a Nolita resident, I dread going above Houston unless it's for doggy day care or dining at Mario Batali's new Eataly. That said, see my New York faves and get psyched as... CONTINUE READING 16


Never visiting Maine for lobster and sea glass hunting is like never visiting Napa for wine and romance or Italy for pasta and cappuccino. You simply can't live life without experiencing it! But there's more that makes Maine great. It's the kind of laid-back, lacking pretension place with ocean sounds and orange sunsets that gets you meditating just thinking about it.... CONTINUE READING 7


"Diet New York"...that's what my friend Chad calls living in Chicago. The Windy City might be a little different than what I'm used to in New York, but I'm still excited to breeze in for Girls Night Out Chicago on September 22 and 23. Chi-Town is magnificent for so many reasons: 1. Laid back yet still edgy with its diversity of... CONTINUE READING 13


Boyfriends, husbands and guys in general are great to have around. They change lightbulbs, offer up snuggle time, make us fat…weightttt, what? Those expensive dinners where they order guy food, all that chilling in bed.... One Staffer put on a few pounds since she started dating her guy. Find out why and tell us if this ever happened to YOU. “It... CONTINUE READING 63


We love football season and everything that goes along with it—kicking back in our jerseys, hotties in tight outfits getting sweaty and sexy, an excuse for a Sunday Funday…. But there’s nothing fun about all the calories that come with the drinks and traditional football food. Our healthier alternatives will take you from potential linebacker to kick-a%* Cowboys cheerleader. We scoped... CONTINUE READING 43


A while back (the first day of summer), we told you why we’re in love with . Now that summer is coming to a close, we’re checking back to see what you’ve successfully accomplished. Take our quiz and answer every question or just let us know your responses to a few. We gave our answers, just to give a little... CONTINUE READING 22


Buying for the boys can be downright impossible, and it’s especially hard to decipher what to get him for each anniversary. Lucky for you, we've got two options for each milestone celebration. ONE YEAR: Cologne or Video Games For a scent both of you can enjoy, try Chanel Allure Homme ($54-$72 at Saks Fifth Avenue). It’s a crisp, clean fragrance that smells... CONTINUE READING 24


Yes, we’d all like to believe that we are the Best Haute Hostess Girlfriends (VOTE NOW!), but let’s be serious—some of us aren’t that talented with a stove (or toaster...microwave...). And even if we do love cooking, we appreciate being pampered and inspired by someone else’s phenomenal dishes from time to time. No matter if we’re Top Chef hopefuls or struggling... CONTINUE READING 25