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Girlfriend Fun Guide: Napa

Even if you only have a brief vacation, you can spend a great 24 hours in Yountville, California. From the renowned vineyards to the Michelin star-rated restaurants, to the exquisite spas and inns, see some of the spots this great place has to offer. -Claudia Chan TO STAY/RELAX: DISCOVER: Villagio Inn & Spa, 6481 Washington St., Yountville, CA EXPERIENCE: 1. The ... CONTINUE READING 13

Donating to Nest is Delicious

I know you’re still deleting an infinite amount of “can’t-miss deals” from your email inbox after the holiday crunch, but Nest is dishing out an offer you really can’t pass on…and you’ll be helping other women as soon as you purchase. Simply donate a mere $25 (or more!) to Nest before January 1 and receive a $25 gift card courtesy... CONTINUE READING 5

Girlfriend Fun Guide: New York City

Brr! I'm defrosting writing this article, so here are a few cozy places to warm up, eat, de-compress and detox around NYC. -Claudia Chan TO EAT: DISCOVER: Zampa, 306 West 13th St. (Between 8th and 9th Aves.) EXPERIENCE: There’s no better time than the holidays to pig out—literally. My boyfriend and I recently enjoyed a pig roast at Zampa that included a three-course... CONTINUE READING 18

Girlfriend Fun Guide: San Francisco

I love San Francisco because it’s a city small enough to eat and walk your way through… so you’re burning off the calories as you go. I’m looking forward to visiting again next week for Girls Night Out San Francisco on December 9-10, followed by a long weekend in Napa at Villagio Inn & Spa. Must ask my girlfriend Alyssa Rapp,... CONTINUE READING 8


Native New Yorkers like myself either love or hate L.A. I adore L.A. enough to even be bi-coastal one day...for several reasons: 1. Weather is always glorious (given!). 2. Shecky's needs to be in Hollywood (SATC and Lipstick Jungle aside...can't you see Shecky's producing TV shows?). 3. In & Out Burger. 4. My close friend Ellen lives there and I'm in love with her son. 5.... CONTINUE READING 8


Hotlanta! I was destined to love this city for many reasons. My college roommate Diana was raised in Atlanta, so I was exposed to southern experiences like Chick-fil-A, Waffle House, Sweet Tea and college football early on. And who knew that 10 years after graduation I would meet my boyfriend, John, who is also an Atlanta-area native (Peachtree City, to... CONTINUE READING 12


Growing up in New York City, my friends and I called Miami the sixth borough. A lot of my close girlfriends went to the University of Miami, so I've had the fortune of visiting and getting the lay of this party-land since my college days. A number of (undisclosed!) years have gone by, but it’s still my go-to for a four day getaway when I need... CONTINUE READING 13


We may be part of an ultra-cool team now, but just like all successful women, we’ve put a few bad bosses behind us. So, in honor of Women’s Small Business Month, we’re airing out some of the toughest, most challenging chiefs we’ve ever come across. Most of the time we remain positive and look at these experiences as “character building,”... CONTINUE READING 23


Boston again! Love this city for its collegiate coolness, wagamama locations and birth to uber-cool companies for women: 1. Fresh (addicted to their Sake skincare line) 2. (get in on their local deals ASAP) 3. The oh-so-fab (I look forward to their featured sales every day) 4. Reebok (...have you seen their butt-shaping kicks, Reetone?) 5. Polaroid (want them at Shecky's events to... CONTINUE READING 12


Maybe it’s the government major I chose at Smith College…but trips to D.C. always deepen my gratitude to be an American. After all, what happens in those beautiful white landmark buildings have shaped this powerful country. I always love touristy visits to landmarks like the Capitol and the Smithsonian...and to squeeze in some girl time with the ladies at D.C. Scout (one... CONTINUE READING 19