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Destination Wedding: For the Bachelorette, the Big Day & the Honeymoon

Between magazine clippings and vivid dreams, the big day is something us girls have been looking forward to for as long as we can possibly remember, but as we get older, we realize that the fairytale ending is totally expensive! But who says money has to stop you from the wedding you want? From the hoppin’... CONTINUE READING 9

Foodies in Love with Non-Foodies: Can It Work?

What if your Valentine’s Day date suggests Applebee's, but you’re dying to try the intimate Thai restaurant that just opened downtown? Or you’re a vegetarian, and he surprises you with his pick—a steakhouse! Opposite personalities attract, but if your palates are completely different, can you really dig a dude you can’t eat with? says you can. Don’t let what’s... CONTINUE READING 12

Girlfriend Fun Guide: Washington, D.C.

Our forefathers picked a really great spot for the hub of the U.S. government. Not only is our capital home to Congress, the White House and a bunch of historic stuff, it’s now a cultural hot spot with tons of fun restaurants, bars and shops. We searched for the absolute must-visit places that locals rave about. When you're in town... CONTINUE READING 13

Girlfriend Fun Guide: Los Angeles

We can’t wait to take our GNO event to L.A., where stars are in the sky, in the streets and on the sidewalks! Not only are we pumped to bring our Goodie Bags and vendors to La La Land, but seeing our Cali cuties is always a blast. You Shecksters are the reason why it’s called the City of Angels,... CONTINUE READING 11

Girlfriend Fun Guide: Miami

What we wouldn’t give to be in Miami right now. Everything in this city is hot, from the nightlife to the weather to our spicy Miami Shecksters! Though our GNO event is still about three weeks away (let the countdown begin!), we’ve chosen some of our favorite places to relax, stay, dine and shop while you’re in the city. Take... CONTINUE READING 9

Girlfriend Fun Guide: Atlanta

Hey, Hotlanta hotties, Shecky’s will be comin’ to your city soon! Things are sure to get peachy when we roll up with Goodie Bags, awesome vendors, complimentary bevvies and more. And while you’re waiting, why not hit up some of our favorite places to eat, shop, unwind and stay—trust us, Atlanta is called the New York of the South for... CONTINUE READING 16

Girlfriend Fun Guide: New York City

NYC is the birthplace of Girls Night Out, so we're super-excited to hit the big city in style next week. Whether you're heading to Girls Night Out New York City or not, check out this girlfriend-ly guide to Gotham's best spots to spa, shop, stay and sip! To Relax: Dermalogica SoHo, 110 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013 (212) 219-9800 Why We... CONTINUE READING 25

A Restaurant-Owning Sister DUO

Sure, you love your sister (or your girlfriend who's practically related!), but could you ever work with her? What about creating and owning an upscale restaurant with her? Think the sibling rivalry (cough, hair-pulling, name-calling...) would rear its ugly head once again? Not so. Meet sisters, Sabina and Lorraine Belkin, co-owners and creators of NYC restaurant and lounge, DUO. See more... CONTINUE READING 5

Girlfriend Fun Guide: Boston

Attention all you Beantown babes, Girls Night Out Boston is almost here! We’re thankful Boston is just a bus ride away because we love this city. And really, what’s not to heart? It has passionate sports fans, collegiately cool hangouts, historic hot spots and tons of great places to eat, shop, relax and stay. Keep reading to check out our... CONTINUE READING 8

Girlfriend Fun Guide: St. Louis

Hey, STL sweethearts! Shecky’s is rollin’ on in to St. Louis with a slew of great vendors and Goodie Bags. But while you’re waiting for Girls Night Out: St. Louis to get here, enjoy our fave places to shop, eat, relax and stay while you’re in town. We can’t wait to meet you in St. Louis! To Shop: Phoenix Rising, 6331... CONTINUE READING 4