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C-List Celebs You Might Have a Chance With

Finding yourself in the midst of a quarter- or mid-life crisis ‘cause you’re not famous like you hoped you’d be? While I can’t guarantee you’ll ever (read: ever) hook up with Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling, there’s hope yet. Put down your “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” sheet music for The Voice (I know you’re actually tone deaf…) and read up... CONTINUE READING 35

Tips for a Wine and Cheese Party

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10. The Real Housewives of Atlanta This fall season, the ladies of Atlanta will be back with more drama and more headlines, proving they still keep us glued to the tube. The show will debut October 4 on Bravo with new women, new lovers and more catfights. And we thought the Jersey girls were leading the RH rumor mill.... PSST! Click through to... CONTINUE READING 19