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Fall Forward with Five Fashionable Sneaks

This fall, give your feet a break from the high-heeled pumps and uncomfortable flats with a pair of statement-worthy sneakers. Nowadays, sneakers can really make an outfit pop with embellishments, bright colors, and interesting fabrics. Here are five of my favorite styles that are available in stores now. Pretty Plum Kicks Always have a pair of Superga Cotu Classic Athletic Shoes... CONTINUE READING 8

Hot Hue: 10 Ways To Wear Trendy Purple This Fall

Right before you dive into the endless fall festivals, pumpkin picking and warm apple cider, ask yourself if you have an absolutely adorable outfit to match. Without a doubt, purple is one of the hottest colors for fall, and what better way to spice up your fall wardrobe than with this regal color? From rich burgundies to deep plums, sizzle... CONTINUE READING 17

Lovely Lilac & Lavender Looks

Today's National Wear Purple For Peace Day and while that's a lovely sentiment, we're really just excited for a reason to break out our prettiest purple pieces to wear! Purple's my favorite color and with so many different shades to choose from, from violet to lilac to lavender, how could you not love it? Get in the spirit by throwing... CONTINUE READING 8

Purple Boudoir Decor Fit for a Queen

How can you easily capture the essence of a queen without splurging on ridiculously expensive décor? By decorating with the color of royalty: purple. Splashing your sleeping chamber with the lavish hue says "Don't you know who I am?" plus it's perfectly appropriate to shop today since purple is the main color of Mardi Gras. Go on and kick-start that... CONTINUE READING 12

Fave Fall Nail Polish Colors

Nail polish colors are one of my favorite ways to try a new trend! Unlike rocking a bold lip, swiping on some nail polish is something that just about everyone has the fashion confidence to do. See my fave shades this season, share what you're sporting right now! Glitter polishes aren’t going anywhere. Give this style a whirl in a rich... CONTINUE READING 11

Fall’s Makeup Palette Goes Deep (Under $10)

The leaves have changed colors, so it's officially time to switch up your makeup shades, too. Take a look at five products and colors that are great for the fall...and great on your wallet! Red is always rockin', but violet and berry shades are so this fall. Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Violet Frenzy ($6.99 on from the Expressionist’s Fall... CONTINUE READING 13

Pride Week: Beauty in Every Color of the Rainbow

Beauty, like love, knows no boundaries. We wanted to celebrate Pride Week the best way we know how; by showcasing our favorite standout beauty products in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Promise us that you’ll wear at least one of these colors this weekend. RED: Nothing says ‘red lips’ like Maybelline’s Are You Red-dy ($7.49 on I know,... CONTINUE READING 19

Makeup Fit for Every Complexion

While I don’t think wearing and enjoying makeup should come with a ton of rules, I do know that products aren’t always one-size-fits-all. Of course we can wear whatever we’d like, but should we? Can some products complement your complexion better than others? Why, of course! If your complexion leans more toward the light side (think Nicole Kidman), you should absolutely... CONTINUE READING 9


It’s the time of year when the weather hits us with that less-than-friendly late fall/early winter chill and the only thing on our minds is how cute we can possibly look when it’s cold outside. Thankfully sweaters are fabulous and functional this season! The Fair Isle Cowlneck Cardigan ($68) from Victoria’s Secret is a gorgeous blend of winter bliss. The classic... CONTINUE READING 17


Our had me thinking about When Harry Met Sally, which in turn got me thinking about the hilarious days of the week underwear scene (remember Sally’s reasoning why Sunday didn’t exist?!). We searched around and found a few modern-day takes on the old-school (and usually childhood) fave. Hear us out, and share your opinion. I’m going to say that this sort... CONTINUE READING 34