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by Marcus Scott Is the alarm of your biological clock ringing on orange alert? Has your ring finger felt light or uncomfortably bare? Is he really the one you want to spend your life with? Oh, the questions of settling down! If you’re lucky to have found the right guy to share more than your nights with, and have been dating... CONTINUE READING 10

How Long Would You Wait to Walk Down the Aisle?

It’s the engagement heard ‘round the world, an event we’ll be talking about for months to come. Hell, if the sun explodes tomorrow, the last words uttered from crazed celebrity-mongers would be “Who designed your wedding dress, Angie?” That’s right, the King and Queen of Hollywood a.k.a Brangelina are tying the knot after seven long years of dating, so all... CONTINUE READING 11

Celeb Engagement Rings We Would’ve Said No To

All right, so I’m the one who wrote that taking close-up pics of your engagement ring is tacky, but I’ve got another bone to pick (ah, the parade of cheesy V-Day proposals so inspired me!). The issue at, er, hand here: when bad rings happen to uber-famous people who have all the money in the world to buy/personalize one for... CONTINUE READING 64

Worst Holiday Proposal Situations

Maybe I watch too many rom coms, but if you’re a girl like me, at one point or another you’ve daydreamed about opening a huge gift from your BF during the holidays—only to find a tiny box inside containing the most beautiful engagement ring! While it's cheesy and cliché, getting proposed to on Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa) can be... CONTINUE READING 18

Is Your Guy Ready to Propose this Season?

'Tis the season for resolutions, life changes and cozy coupledom. With the holidays and the new year on the horizon, you're thinking about the future and who you will be sharing your life with down the road. If you're in a serious relationship, a ring might even be in store for you this holiday season! But before you start naming your... CONTINUE READING 5

10 Things You Really Shouldn't Do at a Sports Event

Happy 10th birthday to Shecky’s (have you checked out our amazing deals and more?)! In honor of the awesome party attitude that goes along with a b-day and our love for Fridays, we’re bringing you a TOP 10 AT 10AM every Friday. With the World Series getting closer, football season in full swing and hockey just starting up, October is a big month for... CONTINUE READING 11

Dos and Don’ts for Announcing Your Engagement

I recently got engaged. It was incredible. He did it on a boat, under a willow tree in Central Park. (Say it with me… awwwww!) Everything was fabulous and I was so excited to tell the world. But with all that instant communication available right now, news travels fast. I wanted to be sure everyone that mattered learned about my... CONTINUE READING 51

Engagement Chicken Recipe

Looking for a proposal this season? Wait—want to get Prince Charming and everything else you’ve ever wanted in life? Then we’ve got good news—Glamour’s 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know: Engagement Chicken and 99 Other Fabulous Dishes to Get You Everything You Want in Life is on sale TODAY ($15.51 on As the title promises, this book provides easy-to-make,... CONTINUE READING 11


The Shecky’s Staffer of the Men, WTF column is at it again, and after a summer full of weddings, engagements and other holy matrimony hoopla (plus a fall where none of that tying the knot excitement is slowing down), she’s got a thing or 10 to say about marriage proposals. See her dos and don’ts list and share the story... CONTINUE READING 49