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Cheers to Oktoberfest with a Bavarian Beer Bash

It's finally Oktoberfest season and that means one thing: it's time to party it up! Planning an Oktoberfest-themed bash is simple and easy, mainly because the top item on the list is beer. The German theme can be as integrated as much as you want, from a lederhosen-only dress code to authentic beer steins to some... CONTINUE READING 14


Ho! Ho! Ho! Girls Night Out made its way to our nation's capital last week to spread some holiday cheer to our D.C. divas. The people in your lives are going to be very pleased, because we had some awesome products for you all to pick from. (Hope you managed to grab something for yourselves as well!) Thanks for coming,... CONTINUE READING 17

Great Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Hanukkah begins tonight and Christmas is this week, but chances are that some of you have seriously procrastinated on shopping and don’t feel like dealing with jam-packed stores, out-of-stock inventory and screaming kids on a mall-Santa's lap. Get your shopping done in between baking cookies when you order any of these eight gifts online. Just be sure to select the... CONTINUE READING 28

10 Bite-Sized Holiday Appetizers

Happy 10th birthday to Shecky’s! In honor of the awesome party attitude that goes along with a b-day and our love for Fridays, we’re bringing you a TOP 10 AT 10AM every Friday. Chances are you’re throwing some sort of holiday shindig or you’ll need to bring a li’l somethin’ somethin’ to the next soiree you’re invited to. Forget schlepping around with schloppy dips... CONTINUE READING 5

Creepy Halloween Cookies

C is for cookie…and that’s certainly good enough for me! Now that the Cookie Monster has taken to calling cookies a “sometimes food” (blasphemy!), I would like to take his place as the reigning sweets fiend. What am I goblin up this month? Since October is National Cookie Month and Halloween is almost here, it’s time to bake up some... CONTINUE READING 24

Girls Night Out Preview: Up All Night in NYC!

Starting tomorrow, Shecky’s Girls Night Out will be hittin’ up our own hometown of NYC! We all know New York is the city that never sleeps, so to celebrate our beloved insomnia-prone Big Apple, we’re bringing you our favorite picks for when you’re up all night. Not only will these products serve you well when you’re burning the midnight oil,... CONTINUE READING 19

Healthy & Delicious Takes on Oktoberfest Dishes

Whoever said Christmas was the most wonderful time of the year obviously never went to Oktoberfest (happening now till October 3rd!). Packed with lederhosen, sausages and barrels of beer, the only thing not to love about this gluttonous celebration is what it can do to your waistline—yikes! So, for those who want to partake without packin’ on the poundage, we’ve... CONTINUE READING 11

Party Snacks: Revamped

You’ve cleaned your apartment, the drinks are ready, your guests are coming…but what about the food? Every haute hostess knows she needs to have the staples—chips, popcorn and pretzels. But your snacks should be as exciting as your soirée (speaking of, have you voted for the best Life of the Party Girlfriend in our National Girlfriend Awards...and have you celebrated our... CONTINUE READING 33

5 Challenging Recipes (and How to Make Them!)

Today, we’re celebrating our Haute Hostess Girlfriend in the National Girlfriend Awards. While there are those of us who can burn frozen waffles in a toaster, the Haute Hostess Girlfriend is known for her carefully crafted and sinfully delicious culinary concoctions. But, then there are some dishes so complicated that even Betty Crocker could screw them up. Below, I'm bringing... CONTINUE READING 23

10 Candy-Inspired Treats

It’s National Candy Month and it’s our 10th birthday (have you checked out our great deals yet?), so it’s only appropriate to pay homage with…recipes that either use candy as a main ingredient or result in amazing homemade candy! -Cait Rohan Who wouldn’t want fireworks to celebrate their birthday? Make this wish come true (sorta) with Food Network’s Nostalgic Popping Candy Cupcakes... CONTINUE READING 25

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