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Bathroom Etiquette for Couples

There comes a point in every couple’s relationship when things stop being a honeymoon and start getting real. Adding to the usual argument-starters of who gets the remote control and "why aren't you answering my texts?!" is sharing the loo with your boo. That's right, the bathroom. It's not easy coexisting in one bathroom, from dealing with weird grooming habits... CONTINUE READING 9


You’ve heard it once, you’ll hear it a thousand (2,011?!) times: January is time to make a fresh start in anything and everything. And whether you’re in a relationship, you have some guy that you’re not sure about, or you're a single lady who's dating around, we’re putting our foot (feet?) down on some typical boy behaviors. See our top 10,... CONTINUE READING 21

Potty Protocol
August 6, 2010

So this subject kind of stinks, but it’s a necessary one. When is it the time in your relationship to take that special next step? We’re not talking moving in or marriage…we’re talking when—if ever—is it okay to talk to your significant other about farting, pooping, the works? One Staffer ponders. “I recently had my boyfriend over for an extended period... CONTINUE READING 35