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Lots of us want to change the mood of our homes once winter has passed and the spring cleaning has finished. Decorating your space for a summer feel can be daunting, especially for those of us who don’t particularly enjoy over-the-top bold colors such as magenta and tangerine. Truthfully, those colors don’t work well in any actual living quarters... CONTINUE READING 4

Fab Fall Decor For Under $100

What is it about fall décor that makes us want to snatch up every candle, blanket and vase in sight? From the color palettes to the design elements, this season’s home décor pieces are perfect for any apartment or house. To add a little festivity to your living space, check out our top fall decorative finds—all for under $100! - Rachael... CONTINUE READING 14

Throw A Backyard Movie Bash

With the summer nights just starting to heat up, it feels so wrong sitting inside watching a movie on the couch. But with many new DVD releases hitting the storefront, it's hard not to imagine sitting back, relaxing and watching a movie on the big screen. That's exactly why you should host a backyard movie bash this summer! Combining the... CONTINUE READING 12

Mom Cave: Her Own Space For Mother's Day

Sorry dad, your man cave will have to take a break until June because this Mother's Day, it's all about the mom cave. With Saturday's premiere of HGTV's new show Mom Caves shedding some light on mama's need for some personal space, this Mother's Day is the perfect time to give mom the best gift she could ever (but would... CONTINUE READING 10

Prettify Your Pad For Spring

Spring's finally here and it's time to embrace all the beauty this season brings. But while we adore the crisp, warm, airy weather breezing through our cracked-open windows, why not bring some of that beauty indoors and reflect the season with fresh, funky decor to prettify your pad this spring. This way when nighttime falls, you can still feel like... CONTINUE READING 12

Decorating Ideas That Won't Send Your Guy Running

What guy would want to step foot in a home that's oozing with a big aura of estrogen? Exactly. While decorating should definitely be in line with your personal taste, when you move in with your man, there are a few pointers you should always keep in mind. Follow these ideas to keep both you and... CONTINUE READING 11

Purple Boudoir Decor Fit for a Queen

How can you easily capture the essence of a queen without splurging on ridiculously expensive décor? By decorating with the color of royalty: purple. Splashing your sleeping chamber with the lavish hue says "Don't you know who I am?" plus it's perfectly appropriate to shop today since purple is the main color of Mardi Gras. Go on and kick-start that... CONTINUE READING 12

V-Day Decor to Create Your Own Romantic Haven

With V-Day right around the corner, now is definitely the time to whip your pad into the ultimate romantic haven that'll make even Cupid do a double take. Here are some quick and easy tips to get you started! Champagne Flute: Bubbly is a V-Day staple no matter if you're cheersing your s.o. or being single! Clink it with Lolita Glasses I Love... CONTINUE READING 6

5 Fab Items to Update Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and decorating it with a few luxurious accessories creates a gorgeous, serene space. Here are a few pieces to revamp your bedroom instantly in this new year! These dainty Glass Votives ($19.50 for 3 on from Treasures by Shabby Chic can be used as candleholders or even makeup brush cups. The vintage-inspired design is fabulously feminine... CONTINUE READING 23


Frigid temperatures that make you want to stay inside. A way-low bank account after holiday and NYE spending. Feeling so tired that you want to sleep for 15 hours straight. Sound like you? Invite your girls over for a low-budget girls night in, but put a grown-up spin on old-school stuff like MASH, pillow fights and even a.m. pancakes. After... CONTINUE READING 25