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We couldn’t be more ready for spring right now, whether it’s the outdoor brunches with girlfriends or the shorter hemlines and bare legs. But there’s always one thing about spring that makes us nervous: showing off our bikini bodies. Have no fear with these 6 workouts targeting your abs, muffin top, love handles, lower-back, kangaroo sack, or whatever you choose to... CONTINUE READING 18

Fun Fitness: Great Exercises If You Hate Exercising

Summer's slowly creeping up on us and for some of us, so is our weight! But who said that our outlook on working out had to be a bad one? Sure, some of you may think of exercise as one of the most torturous and dreadfully boring activities you could ever participate in, but I've got some great news for... CONTINUE READING 29

Free At-Home Exercise Routines

This time of year, everyone is focused on getting fit. But who wants to go outside for a run in freezing-cold weather, hit a crowded and overpriced gym, or have to show up at a class at a certain time? Work out for free and in the comfort of your own abode with these five exercise options! -Jasmine Frazier YouTube: There's a... CONTINUE READING 19

Denver: Out-of-this-World Items

Friday was Friday the 13th, tomorrow is a full moon...and the writing's on the wall: we're feeling very superstitious over here. Get ready for Girls Night Out Denver with five out-of-this-world items that will be available at the event. Whether you believe in all this cosmic mumbo jumbo or not, we’re sure you’ll love this stuff! -Lynden Halpern The Dessert Stand is... CONTINUE READING 6

Girlfriend Fun Guide: Los Angeles

I love Los Angeles for a lot of reasons, and while I may not become a "transplant" (I love New York too much!), I always enjoy my travels to L.A. Whether for Shecky's Girls Night Out Los Angeles (May 4 & 5!), or for other work or pleasure, I love trips to the City of Angels...specifically for the spectacular shopping! -Claudia... CONTINUE READING 9

Girlfriend Fun Guide: Washington, D.C.

While it's hard to pick favorites, Washington, D.C. has always been a place I've come back to time and time again, and not just for Girls Night Out Washington, D.C. (March 29 & 30)! There's a ton to do and see—from dining out and shopping, to historical sites that make me feel really in touch with being an American! -Claudia Chan To... CONTINUE READING 14