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by Courtney A. Leiva If you’re still on the hunt for some inexpensive, and not to mention amazing stocking stuffers, we've got your back with these 10 options perfect for any beauty blogging junkie. From pretty polishes to super-nourishing hand creams, check out our absolute favorite must-haves below! 1. Ahava Bright & Merry Ornaments Give the beauties in your life this super affordable... CONTINUE READING 6


Goodbye, dreary days of winter, and hello, sun-soaked spring! But before you take a deep breath and enjoy the sweet, fresh air, have you thought about what your new signature scent will be? The warmer season is a perfect time to toss aside pungent, strong scents and explore light, flirty aromas that are tantalizing enough to get others sniffing because they’re... CONTINUE READING 5


Spring’s right around the corner, which means it’s time to shave your legs, pull out your sundresses, and somehow deal with your dry winter skin. You don’t want to look peely on the first day of spring — that’s March 20! Besides keeping your lips kissable with these tricks, keep your face soft with the help of our favorite deeply moisturizing... CONTINUE READING 3


As we were braving the cold in New York last week, just trying not to turn into a block of ice on the walk from our office to the subway (imagine being frozen on Canal Street, having to wait around for the first day of spring or True Love’s kiss or something!), we overheard a fellow deep freeze victim shouting... CONTINUE READING 10

Soft Kissable Lips

You know the feeling. Your lips feel a little dry, so you give them a quick run-over with your tongue because you don’t feel like digging your tiny tube of balm out of your bag. A few minutes later, your lips feel drier, so you lick them again. But every time you lick your lips, you wipe away all of... CONTINUE READING 11


Happy Cyber Monday! If braving the shopping-hungry masses at those Black Friday sales simply wasn't for you, then scoring some amazing deals from the comfort of your own home (or, if you're like us, your desk—shhh, don't tell our boss!) is a pretty awesome alternative. For all you beauty-brained babes out there, we've rounded up ten killer Cyber Monday beauty... CONTINUE READING 3

Soak in the Season: Fall-Inspired Bath Buys

Nothing's better on a chilly fall day than a hot bath. Now that every day is cold and windy, you're sure to be warming up in the shower or bath a lot more. We discovered a few autumn-inspired beauty products that will make your bath that much more enticing! From bath bombs to salts to body washes, these bath babies... CONTINUE READING 9

Sweet Faced: Candy-Inspired Beauty Products

It's the end of October and it seems like suddenly everything is Halloween-inspired--there are spider cupcakes in the bakery, Halloween movie marathons on TV, frightening flicks hitting the theaters, costume sections taking over stores and, best of all, yummy candy making its way into our favorite beauty products. This candy-infused makeup will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you looking... CONTINUE READING 13

Pumpkin Spiced-Beauty: 7 Beauty Ideas For The Fall

Put down that seasonal spiced latte and satisfy a different taste of fall by indulging in the latest pumpkin-spiced beauty treatments. Just in time for October, we’ve got scrubs, gels, cleansers and creams that will make your skin as delicious as pumpkin pie! From DIY face beauty editor-approved face scrub recipes to pumpkin-infused manis 'n' pedis, you'll be looking fresh... CONTINUE READING 8

Cool SPF Products That Aren't Sunscreen

This summer, plain ol' sunscreen is for amateurs. Take sun protection to a whole new level with some unconventional and often overlooked ways to protect your skin from those harmful UV rays. From not-so-basic button-downs to itsy bitsy bikinis to pout-painting lipsticks, there are a ton of different forms of sun protection that you may not have discovered yet. We're... CONTINUE READING 7