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A lot of people have misconceptions and fears about peels and what they do—and don’t do—and what sort to purchase. Will you wind up looking like the victim of an acid attack? Will they hurt? To answer your burning (pun pretty much intended) questions about where to start, we’re featuring a Q&A with healthy skin expert Dana Ramos of! What... CONTINUE READING 13

Beauty Blogger Gift Guide

If you got a beauty blogger on your list, let this beauty freakazoid school you on a gift idea or two. Whether it's pretty polishes for the YouTube nail tutorial guru or glam heat styling products for the beauty jet setter, from one beauty blogger to another, here's how you gift her one beautiful Christmas! Total Beauty's BeautyGasm Set Beauty and... CONTINUE READING 7

Lovely Leftovers: DIY Beauty Made From Your Thanksgiving Meal

So you’ve stuffed your face with all the leftover Thanksgiving fixings you can handle. Now what?! Before you throw anything out, you might be interested to learn that the dishes you find so deliciously yummy can also be turned into awesome beauty treatments for your skin. We’re all about recycling, and now is the perfect time to use up those... CONTINUE READING 3

Girls Night Out Preview: Get Made Up In Miami

The holidays are just around the corner, and you know what that means—shopping. And lots of it! But before you start ticking off that gift checklist for everybody else, why not treat yourself to a little retail therapy at Girls Night Out Miami? With chic frocks to killer beauty products, complimentary makeovers to divine, delicate jewelry, there’s something a little... CONTINUE READING 9

11 Labor Day Beauty Faves: Your Last Goodbye To Summer

As we pack away the bright colors and gravitate back towards the earth tones of fall, Labor Day is the real last chance where we can celebrate the bold and exciting beauty trends of summer that we will all come to miss. With these 11 beauty finds, raise your glass (or mascara wand, dare we say) to those memorable hot... CONTINUE READING 3

Eco-Friendly Beauty Faves For Earth Day

You don’t have to be a hippie to get in the Earth Day spirit! Get your green on with these beauty favorites that will keep you fabulous and eco-friendly from your head to your toes. These brands donate proceeds to some admirable environmental causes, so you'll be giving back to Mother Earth while giving yourself a great green makeover! At Josie... CONTINUE READING 6

Skincare Rx: Medical-Approved Skin Saviors

Suffering from skin problems? Every woman has those appeared-overnight wrinkles, under-eye circles you just can’t cover up, dry skin that doesn’t respond to regular ol’ lotions…. The issues are, unfortunately, endless! Doctor knows best for skin snafus like these, but that doesn’t mean you have to book that impossible-to-get appointment with your dermatologist. Check out some of these skin treatments... CONTINUE READING 14

Breaking Down Beauty Ingredients

Wandering the beauty aisles can be a daunting task. It's not just about finding the perfect shade of nude lip gloss, part of the problem is we're just not familiar with the ingredients and what they do. That's why I'm giving you the scoop on some seriously great ingredients and, as always, some deals so you can get what you... CONTINUE READING 26

Girlfriend Fun Guide: New York City

I can't stress enough how much I love my city. While I have so much fun exploring cities across the nation for Girls Night Out, hosting Girls Night Out New York City in the city that never sleeps...never gets old! There's always so much to see and do and places continue to pop up all over the island of Manhattan. Check... CONTINUE READING 6


From our favorite salons to miracle eye creams and everything in between, we’re giving you the scoop on our favorite beauty booty this year. Careful to be an equal opportunity judge, we’re finding you splurges and steals, eco-friendly products, the best innovative stuff…and MORE. Once we’ve tested, scrubbed and applied countless beauty loot, we’re presenting the best in beauty at... CONTINUE READING 14