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by Mallory Feeney Designers are always creating new and exciting styles for women to showcase throughout a given season. Though fashion is always evolving, there are some classic looks that will always stand the test of time. They may seem a bit pricy, but they're worth it in the long run in terms of both quality and finesse. 1. The LBD To be... CONTINUE READING 7

12 Embellished NYE

New Year's Eve is the one night of the year where everything is just a little bit bigger, a little bit bling-ier, a little bit more special. For us ladies, it's an excuse to go all out fabulous—even the most timid stylistas will spring for a sequin or two during their celebratory countdown to the new year. To get you... CONTINUE READING 9

Spike Up Your Life: Toughen Up With Spiked Accessories

Spikes are everywhere this season. Literally, everywhere—adorning the back of booties, studded across too-cute clutches and peaking out from pretty-tough manicures. Want to add some punk prettiness to your ensemble without looking like a lost groupie for the Sex Pistols? Toughen up your look with spiked jewelry for a gritty-gone-glam finish. Whether you want to add edge to a flirty,... CONTINUE READING 3


Though technically not the actual beginning of the year, we all equate autumn with fresh starts. Maybe it's the change in temperature or the start of a new school year. Either way, it's never too soon or late to have a little makeover. Whether you want to become a modern-day Audrey Hepburn and pull inspiration from Sabrina or dig your... CONTINUE READING 9

5 Chic Ways to Wear Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are pretty popular these days—look around any accessories department and you'll find a wide variety of fancy headbands, clips, barrettes and even ornate headpieces. While they may look like fun, it's very easy to make a chic hair accessory cheesy or childish. In order to avoid a hair accessories fail, there are a few tips to keep in... CONTINUE READING 4

Dress By The Decade: Retro Looks For Every Era

As women's fashion continues to evolve, every season brings the return of an old trend, and this season is no different. From the delicately decorated flapper numbers of the roaring '20s, to the body-conscious bombshell frocks of the '40s, to neon-covered '80s gear, every era had its signature style, but no matter what the standard, we sartorial ladies know just... CONTINUE READING 15

The Embellished Collar: Take It, Make It & Fake It

Ladies, it's time to pop your collars! No, we're not talking about the upturned Lacoste polos those preppy frat bros sported in college. From Natalie Portman to Alexa Chung to Hailee Steinfeld, shirt collars are getting spruced up this summer with snazzy adornments, from studs to spangles, beads to baubles. Take on the tricked out collar trend by buying up some of... CONTINUE READING 8

The 2012 Met Gala’s Hottest Beauty Looks

The Met Gala may be long gone, but if you're beauty-obsessed like yours truly, it’s one of the events I can’t stop talking about. From the vampy crimson lips to the '30s-inspired soft waves that were seen on the red carpet Monday night, there was plenty of great beauty looks to choose from, so dive into Hollywood's hottest eye candy... CONTINUE READING 12

Classic Pearls Get a Modern Makeover

Pearls are the perfect way to add ladylike elegance to any wardrobe, but you don’t have to go retro to wear the classic strands. You can channel your inner Audrey Hepburn while still looking chicly modern by adding pearl-adorned pieces to your wardrobe. Whether worn as an accent on a sweater or as a simple choker, pearls are versatile enough... CONTINUE READING 11

Dress Like Your Favorite Literary Heroine

The adage is that “art imitates life” but it’s hard not to imitate fashionable women; even those found in literature. Our favorite heroines aren’t just memorable because of what they did, but also what they wore while doing it. In honor of International Women's Day (today), I've listed a few of my favorite fashionable and fearless fictional females and how... CONTINUE READING 12