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Hanukkah Hotties: 8 Jewish Dudes We'd Let Spin Our Dreidel

When we think of sexy holidays, Hanukkah normally isn't first on our list...that is, until we got an eyeful of these beautiful bar mitzvah-ed men! To get you ready for eight crazy nights, we're giving a big "shalom!" to  eight seriously hot Jewish sirs for every lady, from adorkable cuties like Adam Brody and Andy Samberg to smooth operators like... CONTINUE READING 12

Humor is HOT: Our Favorite Funny Fellas

On every lady’s dream man checklist, you’ll always find “good sense of humor” intermingled with “great head of hair” and “has a private jet.” Why? Because humor is H-O-T. Giving us the giggles is the best kind of aphrodisiac there is and these funny fellas are serving up that hot humor in spades. From sexy standbys like those SNL sirs... CONTINUE READING 10

Classic Chick Flicks for a Girls' Night In

Unwinding with your girlfriends and a great movie is a night in that can’t be beat! So instead of painting the town red this week/weekend, why not invite your BFFs over for a tradish old-school slumber party? When you're all gabbed out about your friend's wedding, your girlfriend's new gig and where your pal scored her fab pumps, put on... CONTINUE READING 15

Spring Cleaning My Relationship

Okay, okay. I may be the same person who started off the year with a list of 10 things I was going to stop putting up with from guys, but here’s the thing—sometimes I am completely at fault for some of the fights, miscommunications and annoyances in couple's kingdom. Here are just a few ways I’m going to spring clean... CONTINUE READING 15

Best Valentine’s Day Movies for Single Ladies

For our unattached galpals out there looking to spend this Valentine’s Day curled up with a good movie, we’ve got some pointers for what to watch…and what not to watch. Grab your BFFs (no, not Ben & Jerry) or watch solo, but take our advice either way! -Lynden Halpern Good for Singles Clueless A story about “kids in America”…errr, girls in L.A., this movie... CONTINUE READING 13


Whether snuggling on the couch watching a holiday classic or venturing to the theater for a new release, winter is a great time for movie-watching. But films can be fun to listen to too, featuring great compilations of music via their soundtracks! Without further ado, here are my top five movie soundtracks of all time. -Lynden Halpern CLUELESS Soooo maaaaybe all that ... CONTINUE READING 6

Paul Rudd: I Love You, Man!

Whether it’s his heartwarming exchange of pet names with Jason Segal at the end I Love You, Man (dude, Bro Montana, holmes, muchacho…) or his awkwardly fitting plaid shirts in Clueless, one thing is clear, Paul Rudd: I love you, man. Maybe I’m a little bit delusional, but I can actually, literally see myself with him (maybe?). He seems so... CONTINUE READING 11

December Flick Picks
December Flick Picks
December 14, 2010

Though there are always exceptions (Inception, The Social Network), generally the best movies of the year are released in December. And why not? It’s right before awards season, it’s way too cold to play outside, and millions of people head home for the holidays only to realize they have absolutely nothing to do. Whether you’re desperate to escape your crazy Aunt... CONTINUE READING 18