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10 Ways to Beat Boredom This Summer

We always look forward to that time of year when it’s warm outside, the sun is shining and we have a few days off work here and there—yep, we're talking about summer time! But our days off or long weekend days can leave us a tad bit bored of doing the obvious activities like going to the beach, floating... CONTINUE READING 11

8 Ways to Spruce Up Outdoor Summer Space Yourself

Since summer is only about three months long, you simply have to take advantage of all that gorgeous weather while you still can with good ol’ relaxation and recreation in your outdoor space. Whether your goal is to lounge, wine, dine, or simply escape the hustle and bustle of your house for a hot second, we have some simple yet... CONTINUE READING 8

Gifts to Greet Spring

Spring is coming and we need to be prepped to welcome it with open arms! Here are a few gifts to help you greet the season with a smile, whether you're buying for yourself or someone else. ORGANIZE: Keep your pretty going well past spring with Fossil's Key Per Frame Cosmetic Case ($35 on You can add all your new coral,... CONTINUE READING 10

Walk Your Way to Better Health this Spring

With sunny skies (well, when it's not raining) and warmer temperatures finally upon us, there's no better time for a nice walk! There are so many perks to walking, and nice weather is the perfect excuse to get out of doors. What's so great about walking? It's inexpensive (read: free!), convenient (you can do it anywhere!), and it can be... CONTINUE READING 9


Last Tuesday we got great responses from our “” story (thanks! We love you!). Lisa liked our suggestions, but she wrote us, "I don't mind hanging out alone but how do you go to a bar alone?" Well Lisa, we've done some research and we've got some tips for you (and your fellow Shecksters!) just in time for the weekend. Research First Don’t... CONTINUE READING 8


Every once and a while we crave some solo time. With the chaotic interactions at , constantly being the go-to gal when your girls need to vent or dealing with dating drama, sometimes the best solution is to hit the town…alone. The initial thought can be frightening, but we've got no-fail tips for flying solo. Who says you need a significant... CONTINUE READING 1

Go Green and Feel Great!

Happy Earth Day! So, we’ve given you FYIs on just about everything organic—, and how Shecky’s Staffers are going green—but we haven’t give you a guide to…greening your routine. There’s a reason Earth Day is in spring; everything’s a-blossoming and you’re aching to get outside. Here are some of our ideas on how to actively celebrate Earth Day AND... CONTINUE READING 1