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Since we first met Justin Timberlake in the boy-band ‘90s, he’s taught us the rules of a digital getdown, cried us a river, brought sexy back, and put his dick in a box. All of these moments, and many more, magically combined to make JT one of the hottest musical acts (and guys in general) on the planet. Get ready to... CONTINUE READING 13


Maybe, like me, you moved across the country to pursue a dream career, and he’s got the job he wants back home. Maybe he’s off to spend the spring semester in Europe, and you’re staying back at school. However you ended up with your significant other further away than an evening’s drive, there’s no need to fret -- thanks to... CONTINUE READING 11

10 Most Epic VMA Performances Ever

Sure, with all of the brain-frying reality shows like “Teen Mom” and “Jersey Shore” clogging up its schedule in lieu of music videos, it’s easy to forget that MTV originally stood for Music Television. But for one night out of the year, MTV harkens back to its music-loving roots with the Video Music Awards, and each year, music stars flock... CONTINUE READING 15

What The?! Craziest Celebrity Hairstyles

Now, we're all about going bold with your beauty, but sometimes a courageous look can turn real cooky real quick. What better day than National Hairstyle Appreciation Day for us girls to admire, laugh at and reminisce about all the crazy hairstyles celebrities have rocked over the years. Whether they pull it off or give us a nice little chuckle,... CONTINUE READING 12

Where Are They Now: '90s Crushes

Oh come on, we all did it—ripping apart every Tiger Beat and Teen People for that perfect picture of Leonardo DiCaprio to put on the ceiling above our bed (what…just us?). Lovely Leo’s back on the big screen the way we first fell in love with him, as romantic rascal Jack Dawson in Titanic 3D. We all know what happened... CONTINUE READING 29


All right, ladies, time to reminisce! Remember how cool Justin Timberlake was in 1996? We’re happy to report that he's actually more amazing today. Even over a decade later, Mr. Timberlake, we still wanna rock your body. Though he claimed he was bringing sexy back in 2007, we're pretty sure it never left his good-lookin’ self to begin with! Can you... CONTINUE READING 25


It would be ignorant of me to think that we've reached a point where weight ideals and "norms" have vanished, but after the VMAs and examining other current big-name celebs, I do think (slash hope) that we are entering an age of acceptance. Let's look at the growing number of "freaky" costumes our stars wear. Even Cher, who showed up in... CONTINUE READING 38